Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Where Was Jaxon????

Mommy and Daddy took me away for the weekend.  Kind of disconcerting because as a baby I haven't been issued a laptop.  I'm dependent on Dad entirely so when we go to a place with no bandwidth there is nothing I can do!

We went to the San Juan Islands and boy was it exciting!  I was so excited that each night I told Mom and Dad how much fun it was as loudly as possible.

It was as if all my toys had come to life and I could play with the real versions.
First I got to meet Steve and he let me drive his backhoe for awhile.  I squealed with delight over the sound of the engine.

I wasn't quite as impressed when I met my first Sheep and Chicken.  They were quite a lot larger then my stuffed toy versions I was used to which was exciting but they both scared so easily.  When I tried to reach out and become friends they squawked and ran away!

I got to visit the post office.  No mail for us but that didn't stop me from signing in.
And of course what is a trip without trying some new food!

I didn't get to blog for the weekend but wow!

So much for a little baby to take in!


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