Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seafood Fest With Daddy!

On Saturday I had some Father/Son time with my Daddy.  We went to Seafood Fest in Ballard!  My exposure to actually eating seafood is fairly minimal.  Apparently I'm too young for fish but that just makes it more exciting!

Market Street was filled with people.  At the front was a giant fish that could somehow survive outside of water and was friendly enough to have children explore his mouth.  At the end of Seafood Fest was a real live Viking ship!
Now that was the part of the day with Daddy that I enjoyed.  Things kind of turned upside down when Daddy tried to cook the fresh salmon he bought from one of the vendors.  Daddy is more used to cooking the filet salmon he buys at QFC.  Bottom line, the man who is my father is NOT a fishermen.  His attempt to gut and remove the bones was a disaster.  He spent way too much time paying attention to that Salmon then to me.  Nothing that a little yelling won't take care of though.

I will not share Daddy's attention with a dead fish, especially one without a head!


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