Saturday, July 23, 2011

Across Puget Sound to a Magical Land!

Mommy and Daddy woke me up today and told me we were going on an adventure . . . and at the end would be a birthday party in the far off world of Bainbridge Island.

I wasn't that wild about the ferry system.  We missed the 12:20 and had to wait for the 1:10 which was also late, my patience was tested.  But once it started going. Wow.  Wind in my hair and lots of other little babies having their pictures taken also!  But the fun had just begun.

Bainbridge Island is a magical place.  We arrived at Corbin's birthday and there were lots of children of all sizes running around, there were balloons, big colorful presents and a giant cake shaped like my favorite monkey Curious George.  Corbin came out and gave me a big kiss while Mommy was changing me in the grass.
But then came the fun with the other babies.  And there were many of them.  Corbin's little brother Ian, Eric and I made great little playmates.  We had a little trouble sharing the two balls between the three of us but we managed.
And there was cake!  After months of being denied this treat Mommy gave me some bites of Curious George's face.  She didn't give me much but it was enough to get my little taste buds craving more cake

So many experiences in this magical land of Bainbridge Island.  Every time I look across Puget Sound I will dream of this magical place.

Unfortunately,  Mommy and Daddy whisked me away so we could catch the 4:30 ferry. : (

I will find away to return someday!


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