Thursday, June 30, 2011


Mommy asked Daddy what he wanted for dinner and he said emphatically "Enchiladas"!  Well she agreed.  Daddy was excited, and if Daddy is excited then I am excited!  And I didn't even know what an Enchilada was until today!!!

Anyway, since we didn't have all the materials Mommy sent Daddy to QFC to get what we needed (Sour Cream, Green Peppers, Tortillas) which of course is always an adventure in itself.

Of course the real adventure was helping Mommy make the Enchiladas!

Unfortunately, it will be awhile before I can actually eat an Enchilada in the traditional sense but this is just going to be an incentive for growing-up.


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AR-15 (Not A Baby Toy)

Also in the news today the Seattle Police Department left a loaded AR-15 on the back of a car and drove it around for awhile.  

I haven't been reprimanded yet for leaving my toys out (I'm sure I'll have toys guns soon enough) but I think it's only a matter of time.

I think someone is going to get spanked. : (


Getting Jesse! (If Necessary)

I've been taking a little more interest in the news recently now that I can comprehend language more.  Today Mom and Dad were watching King 5 news and I was introduced to consumer advocate Jesse Jones!

People turn to him if they aren't getting the right service.  Then he hounds the wrongdoers and follows them around with news cameras till they shape-up.

I'm not saying that I will ever call Jesse on Mom or Dad if I'm not properly nursed or don't get adequate attention in some other way but . . . I still memorized the phone number for Jesse just in case.

I trust you'll do right by me Jesse.  You've got my back.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Taking Out The Garbage - Yuck

So apparently when Mommy and Daddy don't use something for awhile it doesn't just disappear.  Eventually they take it to the "Garbage" and it is taken to a landfill.  What can you say, "Out of Sight, Out of Mind".

Daddy was multitasking tonight so he brought me with him when he took the garbage out.

Then Daddy really dropped the bomb!  He told me that taking this gross stuff out every Monday would probably be my first chore!

What a clueless Daddy I have.  Didn't he realize I write a nightly blog!  I can comprehend what you are saying for the most part, my only challenge is connecting the dots sometimes.

I'm going to be playing my cards a lot closer to my chest about how much I can understand my parents now!  If I don't I may be taking out the garbage next week.


Sunday, June 26, 2011

Chicken Soup For The Soul

Maybe it was my allergies.  Maybe it was the teething.  Bottom line I was a cranky little baby today.  It really came through when it was feeding time.  Cauliflower, carrots, mango . . . I just wasn't having it.

Talk about a power struggle with Daddy.  We jousted over getting me fed.  I would open my mouth to cry and he would get the spoon in but mainly I just clammed-up and blocked him.

But THEN came dinner and I got to try Chick Noodle Soup!  Wow, what a burst of flavor.  This would probably count as one of the first times I've had meat also.
Actually it was a lot more ground-up then the images suggests.  My little baby teeth aren't that strong yet.  : )

In the end, I was happy.  The nourishment put me right to bed.


Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mom and Dad Date Night=Very Disconcerting!

Mom and Dad went out for dinner and a movie tonight . . . And didn't take me!  Very concerning.  I'm not saying I don't appreciate Grandma and Grandpa but too long away from Mom doesn't make me happy.  Especially when they don't tell me when they are coming home!

So of course when they did come to pick me up I made sure to turn it into a cry festival.

Still, after some nursing and snuggling everything was alright.

Then Aunt Ashley and her friends came back from Belletown early and I was the center of attention even more.  Icing on the cake!

Nothing like distance making the heart grow fonder!


Friday, June 24, 2011

A Day of Firsts!

I had a lot of firsts today.  Wow!  It was overwhelming but very fun.

                                                                          First Muffin!
                                                                   First Milk Mustache!
                                                                            First Apple!
                                                                       First Lost Keys!

In the end my allergies got the better of me and I had to be put to bed early after a session with the nasal aspirator.  I was exhausted!

Being a baby is intense!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fountain Fun

Grandma and Mommy took me to the University Village today and the Fountain was going!  I squealed with delight as Grandma brought me to the brink (But didn't let me in).  Apparently there is an issue of cleanliness.
There is something about running water that just titillates me to no end.  Be it a fountain or a shower I can't control myself!

I trembled and squealed.  It was all too much for me!

I calmed down a little bit after they came home and I got to nurse a bit.

Kind of like when Daddy has an intense day at work and has one of those beers I guess.

Hopefully I can sleep tonight!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keeping My Eyes Open

I caught a little bit of Unsolved Mysteries today.  Very intriguing TV.  There sure is a lot of bad things adults do, homicide, abduction not to mention ghosts and UFO abductions.  I was squealing with excitement.

Sadly, though the TV show has had a lasting run (1987-Present) I was born too late for it's heyday with host Robert Stack. : (

The intensity of the man transfixed both Mommy and Daddy when they were growing-up and both watching the TV show.
Apparently, neither Mommy or Daddy's parents really wanted them watching it but they found ways to catch it anyway.
I'll be watching it during the Dennis Farina era.  Not a bad guy but Robert Stack's charisma and piercing eyes made it seem like he could reach out of the TV and grab the criminals himself.

Still, I will be vigilant.  When I am being wheeled around the neighborhood I'll keep my eyes out for fugitives.

I will do my best to be a crime fighting baby!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Playing With Food=New Rules

Mom made some nice food for me tonight.  Broccoli, Carrots, Cauliflower all mixed together.  I certainly appreciate the thought but I wasn't having it.  Way more fun to play with it tonight.  Hey, I'm a baby, it's my prerogative.

That's why I was a little perturbed when Mom just took it away.  I'm not into all these new rules.  Earlier today she even buttoned-up when I started biting her during nursing.

Not very wild about all these new brakes on my free wheeling lifestyle.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Brushing My Teeth

Now that I have two teeth Mommy started brushing them with a wash cloth.  The first documented teeth brushing went down tonight.  Wow, very soothing.  No tooth brush or flavored tooth paste but I'm sure that will come with time.

I've been told that brushing my teeth in the future will potentially become a power struggle and God help my parents on my first dentist visit.  Still, this whole brushing of the teeth is off to a good start.

Looking forward to some chompers in the future.


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day (Dad's First)

Dad got to celebrate his first Father's Day today now that I am in the picture.  No, the gift that I was talking about wasn't a tie.  I actually got him my hand and foot prints!  See, even my gifts are all about me!  I love it.

Pretty fun, we drove to Woodinville and celebrated by drinking wine and eating out at Purple.  Well, I just nursed and ate ground squash that they brought me but I definitely felt included.
I felt so included because from playing bocci to having lunch I was the primary attraction.  It might as well have been "Jaxon Day" which is fine.  As a baby I need lots of attention. If the adults can have a few sips of wine in between entertaining me that is fine just don't put me second.

I loved the attention as usual.


P.S. Happy Father's Day to all the Dads out there.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Orca vs. French Fries

Mommy and Daddy took me to the Seattle Aquarium today.  It was fun because I got to play with my two friends Dom and Warren.

Fairly exciting also because first I got to taste some Orca.  Hey, everything should be tried once.  I wasn't that wild about it. Kind of tasted like plastic!

But THEN Mommy and Daddy took me to Red Robin on the waterfront and I tasted my first French Fry!

Wow, now that was exciting.  I was riveted and I mean riveted as they put little morsels in my mouth.

I was so excited that I only chewed on the table once!
I hope to get to know this bird much better over time!  Maybe next time I will get to try little bits of a Monster Burger!


Friday, June 17, 2011

Top Secret

On a more exciting note, I am keeping a Secret!  Mommy and I went to the University Village today and bought Daddy a secret gift for Fathers Day.

Now, I am "chomping at the bit" to tell Daddy.  Despite the excitement of keeping a secret the excitement of telling Daddy is even greater.

Well, Mommy has told me of dire consequences if I tell Daddy about the gift so I guess I should keep my little mouth shut.  But it is hard.

                                           I'm So Torn!  I don't know if I can make it to Sunday!


Office Picnic

I went to Daddy's Insurance Company picnic today.  For once the camera wasn't out so there wasn't any documentation but believe me, I was there.  Dad's entire office can vouch for it because I got held and my little cheeks were squeezed and squeezed and squeezed!  Can't say I really approved.  About the only novelty was Anne, Dad's friend who had some jewelry that I tried to eat.

I was certainly playing coy though.  No smiles.  I just whimpered and made things difficult.  Hey, I'm a baby, not a trick pony.  


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup = Playdate Gone Wrong

I'm still getting to understand the whole concept of cities but apparently there is a comparably sized one north of Seattle called "Vancouver".

Adults are a little bit more organized when they play and in this case the game was Hockey.

Well, apparently the team from Vancouver the "Canucks" lost.  

Now granted, I did cry a little bit when Addyson beat me at the yelling competition but my unhappiness didn't last long.  We restored our friendship in a matter of seconds.
Adults have a whole different concept about what to do if you don't win though.

Not quite sure about what type of lesson this is supposed to teach an impressionable baby like myself . . . 

Thankfully it seems that not everyone was mean.  Maybe more babies for me to befriend will be created as a result of the loss.  

More confused about the human experience as of today but hey, I'm just a baby.


Wednesday, June 15, 2011


A disturbing trend is happening.  The more independence I try to gain the more Mom and Dad try to hold me back.

No sooner had I finally gotten to the point where I could climb out of my crib and explore . . . they raise the wall!

Mom and Dad, you are going to have to give me more freedom if you want me to develop into an independent man.  God, I feel like I'm already thinking like a teenager and I'm not even a year old!

Thinking about busting out somehow but Mom and Dad still seem to be a few steps ahead of me.


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Grandma's Mail . . . Kinda Tastes Good!

I spent the day at Grandma's house today.  Very exciting of course.  I tend to be the center of attention as usual.

Best of all the mail came.

Kind of fascinating how this stuff just shows up everyday.  I wonder if it will be around when I grow-up.

It was kind of fun to play with.  Grandma even let me play with the junk mail a bit which I promptly tried to eat.  Hey, you should taste everything at least once.

Looking forward to my next gastronomical experience.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Unwelcome Advice

Mommy and I had a play date with Mindy and my friend Addyson at the Everett Mall today.  Very fun.  Addyson and I babbled back and forth happily.  She did make me cry once when we got in a shouting match.  But what can I say, her little vocal chords are just a little bit more developed then mine.

Mommy got a little bit of unwarranted advice when I was getting changed though.  A women pawed me and said I was looking a little "Husky".  Mom was then told she should stop nursing me and just feed me water.  What the . . .!?!?

After that she told Mindy that Addyson should stop being pushed around in a stroller and be free to just play outside.  That just made me mad!  Nobody tells my Gal how she should be living (Well maybe Mindy can)!

I'm definitely getting very defensive of the women in my life.


Sunday, June 12, 2011

And The Winner By A K.O. Is . . . Jaxon

Dad does this thing with me at night.  After he reads me a few kid's books he holds me while I yell for awhile and then I usually fall asleep after I tire myself out.

Not tonight though!

Dad held me and I screamed and screamed till finally Mom took be away and let me nurse.  It was a lot of effort but showing myself as the one who has the true authority in the house was necessary .  Priceless.

I own you Daddy!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Teddy Bear

No I didn't get a new Teddy Bear today.  I sure felt like one though.  Mom, Dad and my Uncle kept squeezing me and not letting me sleep.  They kept me up late by keeping me riled up.

For the love of God, I'm a real live human not a stuffed animal!  I may be cute but like every celebrity I have my limits.

Oh well, I guess I'd be even more unhappy if they ignored me.  Having the spotlight on me the entire time can be a little tiring so I let them know towards the end of the day.  I was a fierce little bear!