Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Sorry For The Interruption

Sorry about being slow on the posts. My scribe (Daddy) was a little under the weather. All he seemed to want to do was lay in bed like a . . . baby!

Over the course of the weekend I went out for breakfast with my friends Corbin and Ian, followed by a birthday for my friend Ben. Oh, did I mention the unexpected kiss Ben's cousin gave me! Totally out of the blue but very much appreciated! I never have complaints about kisses from cute girls.

Whew! I'm never going to leave my fans without an update for so long!



Yipes, it turns out Daddy couldn't keep things to himself.

Not only is he sick but so is Mommy. So sick that they are concerned for my little well being.

I am being sent to Deeda and Papo's tonight. I do love Mommy and Daddy but a night away from home?!?!?! What an adventure, especially since I am going to a safe place.

What is in store for me tonight? I have a feeling excitement waits just around to corner in the form of an extended bedtime.


Friday, January 27, 2012


I was still a little under the weather today. I took a cue from my teddy bears and hibernated.

I didn't really eat much today, like a little bear I slept and lived off of my fat reserves. I don't think I've ever had a four hour nap before!

I had kind of wanted a long day of playing with Mommy but I guess that wasn't in the cards today.

Still, we hibernate for a reason. Sometimes it is just best to sleep through the rough parts of life.

Resting-up for a better day!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Taking Some Life Lessons from "The Situation"

Mommy still watches that show "Jersey Shore".

I recently had a Birthday party and all my friends came over. Still, it was mostly because I was a baby and thus endlessly cute.

Turns out when you get older people judge you more on your actions.

Tonight everyone came over for DJ Pauly D's Birthday because he was nice to everyone. Turns out that Mike "The Situation" was mean to everyone so nobody came to visit him.

Apparently, there are consequences to your actions. I'm going to remember this the next time I visit my friends.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Keeping the House Clean . . . Only when I am sick

What a boring day today. Deeda and Papo came by to take care of me but it was basically a wash when you consider all I really did was sleep.

Granted, Mommy and Daddy came home to a very clean house. All the toys were neatly arranged and no random objects scattered.

The house has no personality though. You would have thought there wasn't a little person living here.

And yep, you guessed it, I just had my Baby Tylenol and am going to sleep AGAIN!


Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I sure got hot today. I mean really hot. My little body hit 102.5 Degrees and gave Mommy a shock. Nothing like a temperature to panic a Mommy.

I haven't gotten this type of a response since I broke out in hives after eating cheese.

Still, I'm going to have to find a new way to get attention. Getting sick is kind of painful!

It is a lot more fun to run around the house opening cupboards and throwing tupperware.

Can't wait to start getting into trouble again.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Blogging it "Old School"

Well, it turns out that Daddy has downloaded too many pictures of me and exceeded his "Quota" of images he could put in his blog.

Since he already took out his debit card to buy a pizza tonight he wasn't in the mood to pay Google for more bandwidth so he is Blogging it Old School.

He told me that during the first week of my blog there were no visuals so I could just "Deal with it" tonight.

Daddy can be tough after I've given him a cough.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Party Animal!

My friend Colleen had a Birthday tonight.  Wow!  Of course as usual I was the youngest there so again lots of attention.

So much fun.  Colleen sure has a lot of friends who came out to celebrate!  Of course, in true style I was unwilling to just sit by and be a guest.  I wanted to actively participate.
I'm still working on my DJ skills but for now they just involve turning the volume up as high as possible.  Hey, it got attention which is half the battle.
In the end, I overextended myself and as usual left crying but that is standard operating procedure for me.  Sometime I just party too hard!

Nice to squeeze a treat in before I left so it will be near impossible for me to sleep tonight!

Party Hardy!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Saying Goodbye to Hans

I got to say goodbye to my Great-Great Uncle Hans today.  I also had the honor of being the youngest person there and got quite a bit of attention as well.

This whole human life-cycle thing is a little bit confusing to me but I am beginning to at least understand that we all start out as little people like myself.

Well, it turns out that after that you get to have all sorts of challenges, joys, friends and loves.  It is quite a panorama of experiences.
Not quite sure how it all ends but for Great-Great Uncle Hans it ended with a whole room full of people talking about how wonderful he was.

Life seems pretty fun.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Waking-Up . . . Grumpy!

Woke-up from my afternoon nap today . . . grumpy!  Nothing like waking-up from a bad dream and then being hoisted from bed.

Because of my "Baby" status I'm not even treated to a cup of coffee to get my afternoon started.

Totally spent a few minutes in a funk today and I was going to make sure Mommy knew it.

Even a cute boy like myself has the prerogative to be sullen every once in awhile.

Don't push me today.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Finishing My Snow Adventure . . . With A Sled Ride!

Well, I tasted snow, made a snowball, saw a snowman but I thought I was going to miss a sled ride.  The snow kind of caught Mommy and Daddy off guard.  They didn't have time to buy a sled for me.  Apparently the snow might be leaving tomorrow so my chances of having a complete snow experience were diminishing!

Thankfully, Mommy got some inspiration from her friend Mindy on Facebook!  Turns out if you combine a laundry hamper and one of Mommy's scarves you are set.  Sledding was on!
With our sled we had some extra mobility so we were able to visit more of the neighborhood.  Daddy even showed me a properly built snowman (Built on the sidewalk, not the middle of the street).
Well, even if it does melt tomorrow I got a full experience.  Time to go in for a fire and a bottle!

What a day.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Didn't Know They Grew Bigger Than My Daddy!

I accept the fact that I have a small stature right now.  Hey!  I'm only a little over a year old.

Still, I haven't really met a Daddy bigger than mine.  Until we went across to visit my friend Nora.

Wow!  Hard to believe he was once a little guy like me!  Still kind of confused about how we grow.  I wonder if it involves stretching?

The night ended with all three of the Daddies going outside and destroying a snowman that had been built improperly.  Apparently building one in the middle of the street is a "traffic hazard".

We all marveled at the strength of three grown men tearing down the largest snowman in the neighborhood.  Very exciting!

I'll keep on drinking my milk with vitamins if that is what it takes to be a tall and strong grown-up!


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Anticipating Snow

All reports are in.  We are expecting a snow storm tonight!  I am very excited.  So excited that I told Mommy and Daddy about it all night.

KING 5 News has been hyping it all day with hysterical reports.  All this talk can sure work-up a little guy like myself.

Am I going to experience my first blizzard tomorrow?

Icy roads!  I might have to have a snow day.  I don't think this would be to much of a difference from my   regular routine but this will be preparation for missing school in the future.

Bring it on!


Monday, January 16, 2012

More Snow!

The snow was back with a vengeance today!  This gave me a chance for all sorts of real "Firsts".

There was so much of the stuff that it was a lot to take in.  Phew!

I was fascinated by the dynamics of a true snow ball.  The idea that something could be formed like this was way intense for my little mind.

Of course since there was so much available I had to see what the stuff tasted like.  Hey, I sample everything with my tongue.
It would have been nice to have tried building my first snowman but my gloves were a little too confining.
Thankfully, the girls next door made one that I could observe.  Not huge but he made-up for it with his dramatic stick hair.

Talk about a winter wonderland!


Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Second Snow!

Well, the first time it snowed a few days after I came back from the hospital I HATED it.  It was cold and I missed the warmth of being inside Mommy.

However this time it was great!

Mommy even made me my first snowball which I proceeded to try and eat.  Hey, next year I'll have my first snowball fight with the other kids in the neighborhood.

Of course once I started going I jumped in it and dug in it.  So much fun!
Turns out if you play in the snow too long you get a little wet and cold.  Thank God for the fire!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Pottypod in my future!

So Mommy made a purchase today.  Turns out my time with diapers is probably limited.  There is a little anxiety but most of it is pure excitement!  Kind of like when I get to ride my first bike.

Soon I will be experiencing the Pottypod.  This means no more diapers.

This thing seems a little complex but I have a feeling if I press enough button it will reveal it's secrets.

Oh what the future must hold!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Child Of The 10's

I'm learning how adults comprehend time.  Mommy and Daddy were both born in the 1970s which was a very, very long time ago.

Apparently I am a child of the 10's.

Because of the time of my birth, unlike Mommy and Daddy there are some things I will just never know.
All this stuff is going to be as antiquated to me as Elvis and 8-Tracks were to Mommy and Daddy.

Oh what the future must hold!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Getting Ready to be a Teenager!

Mommy doesn't know it but I am learning how to be a teenager.  I am loving this new stereo I got for Christmas!

Life needs a soundtrack and I love putting this thing to work.

I can't wait to add some speakers to this thing and wait until Mommy and Daddy step away from the house.  The whole neighborhood is going to hear my music.
The question is though, what will a teenage Jaxon be listening to in the 2020s?

Next up, my first car!


Monday, January 9, 2012

Jay-Z Had A Daughter . . . Time For A Play Date!

It is all over the news today that Jay-Z just had a baby daughter.  Great!  Mommy should call Beyonce soon so they can schedule a play date!

I'm very excited to meet my new friend.  I'm a little disappointed that when I was born my Daddy didn't go to the studio and rap about me but perhaps he will produce a version of "Glory" for my next birthday.  Perhaps my Daddy and Jay-Z will collaborate!  
Mommy can talk to Beyonce about it on our first play date.
I just hope the paparazzi doesn't harass us to much at the University Village!

A little attention from them wouldn't hurt though.


Kind of Late on the Birthday Shout Out isn't it Chica?

I was talking to my friend Chica on The Sunny Side Up Show today and was a bit confused.

Granted Chica, I do appreciate you mentioning that is was Jaxon's Birthday but you are a couple of months late.

I was still very fascinated as Chica and her friends repeatedly shouted out birthday wishes to me today though.

I think that the only reason was that Daddy messed up and gave them the wrong date.  I'm sure next year they will get it right.

I mean how many "Jaxons" are there?


Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mountain Dew Power Struggle

Daddy and I took a walk today so Mommy could get the house in order.  Since Mommy curtails his soft drink intake he always buys one when we are out.

And then drinks it in front of me without letting me have any!

Not today though.  Sometimes you have to fight for your right for certain things!
Eventually I got a partial victory because Mommy let me suck the top so I would calm down a bit.
I figure if I can keep pushing the envelope I will eventually become a regular Mt. Dew drinker.  It might take a few more outbursts though.


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Yard Work With Papo

As I move from being a baby to a toddler I'm realizing I'm going to need to pull my weight a little more.  No goldbricks in this family!

So when Papo was doing yard work I volunteered and got right to work.

Nothing like a good days work for a little guy.  Maybe next time I will get to use the lawn mower or weed wacker!


Friday, January 6, 2012

You Will Be Mine Potty!

After seeing it flushed and watching it fill itself a number of times the potty is undeniably the most fascinating piece of furniture in the house.

Unfortunately, like the fire it is just as off limits.

But you can't put a screen around the potty the way you can the fire Daddy!

I am bound and determined to flush something down it!

He turned his back and I grabbed Mommy's massage ball and threw it in but Daddy stopped me before I could flush it.

Just wait till next time Daddy!

Somethings going down!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Mommy and Daddy's first Date

Turns out there was a time when it was just Mommy and Daddy.  All of a sudden I appeared and the family became three but it turns out there were a couple of years where I didn't even exist.  Very hard to wrap my little head around that one.

So before most babies are created the Mommy and Daddy at least go on a couple of dates.  Today, we went to the place where they had their FIRST date.

Granted it used to be an Italian Restaurant called Salute and now it is a Greek place called Mazi Taverna but the address remains the same.  Apparently on their first date it was all about them but this time I was the center of attention.  They did snuggle a bit when they remembered this was the place.

Apparently most babies require at least one date to be created.  Glad they got through their first one well.


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wipe Out!

It was kind of like hitting the "Off" Switch tonight.  I ran pretty hard today.  But come 7:30 it was like someone in my body decided I had had enough and pulled the plug.  Phew!

I never thought I'd have my butt in the air in the living room.  Usually that symbolizes going into a deep sleep.  I just usually reserve it for the bed . . . not the ottoman.

Strangely, I still have a feeling I will be mysteriously waking-up in my crib tomorrow.

Life is full of mysteries.


Monday, January 2, 2012

Kale Mustache

Mommy made some Kale today.  It makes it into my mixed food often but I've never had it by itself.  Today I had my chance in the form of Kale Chips.

Kind of liking the taste and definitely the fashion statement that was created.  I can't wait till I can grow a mustache on my own.

I'm thinking it is about eighteen years from now though.

Magnum P.I. is in my future for sure!


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Who Needs a Shake Weight if you Have a Baby!

Ever since I have started walking Daddy has lost a bunch of weight.  He became about as plump as me when I was a little baby but now he is trim.

I see this ad on TV for a Shake Weight.  It kind of simulates what I am in Daddy's hand but I'm in motion more.

Come on Daddy, just a few more minutes hoisting me everyday and I'm sure you'll be happy walking around topless and in spandex like the guys on the ads.

Enjoying being an all purpose Shake Weight for Daddy's benefit!