Monday, April 30, 2012

Celebrating One WTC in my own way!

One World Trade Center officially became the largest building in New York today. It is a true monument to human achievement after a horrible tragedy over ten years ago.
Well, I decided to celebrate this event in my own way. When Mommy was making lasagna tonight and asked if she should add another layer I said . . . "Do It!"
I think the lasagna was the BIGGEST ever made at this house. Giving a shout out to New York in my own way! -Jaxon

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Teasing the Parents : )

I am such a little clown. I am learning what it is like to tease people. Nothing like offering Daddy some of my oranges and pulling them away or turning on Daddy's car alarm. I had all sorts of stuff up my little sleeves today!
It was all in good fun. Nice to know I can get the whole neighborhood to hear me. -Jaxon

Saturday, April 28, 2012

What is Down the Sewer????

Daddy took me to the park today. One thing about a park trip with Daddy when Mommy stays at home . . . I get a little more latitude in what I can get away with!
When I am a teenager I know Daddy will let me get a real motorcycle. But being able to test drive a motorcycle was minimal compared to what Daddy let me get into next!
I have never gotten to peer down the sewer before! It seems like such a magical place. What could be down there. The reason Mommy keeps me so far away from it is because she probably thinks I am to young to understand the secret magical world down there! I imagine something like Alice in Wonderland . . . just more fantastic.
Some monster must have been down there because it grabbed my stick! -Jaxon

Friday, April 27, 2012

Getting the Mazda Serviced

Well, turns out the family car needs a check-up. Unlike visiting Dr. Tom like I do, a car goes to a "Service Station". Now as much as I love visiting Dr. Tom, the check-up for the car was way more exciting.
Wally the technician warned Mommy that I would probably try to take one of the tires home and I didn't let him down.
If I could have lifted it, I would have taken that thing home. Daddy could have just put one more expense on his credit card. I don't care if the thing wouldn't have fit on any of my toy trucks! -Jaxon

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Papo's Other Job

Turns out Papo has another job besides being my constant playmate and companion. He builds things. Or rather designs things to be built. He is an "Architect". Today we went to visit one of his projects on Bainbridge. I was a little depressed to be on Bainbridge without getting to see Ian or Corbin but with all the attention I got it made up for it.
What a fun place to explore. I worked very hard to distract Papo but he stayed on task. Apparently you can't just build a real house by just stacking blocks.
Yeah, this was the way I ended the day . . . tired. That is the sign of a good day. -Jaxon

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hide and Go Seek!

Well, I had the first introduction to "Hide and go Seek" today with Auntie Ashley. It went really well. She would hide and I would get really, really, really excited when I found her. One would think that when the only adult in the house disappears I would get really upset but I knew it was all in good fun.
Afterwards, we debriefed and she promised that we would play this game again soon. Next time, I will be the one hiding! -Jaxon

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Facebooking with Chica!

I'm still confused how Chica can be at my house as well as the Sunny Side Up Show in the morning. Perhaps it was pre-recorded. Regardless, with all of her fans, Chica needs a Facebook page.
Well, I've been watching Mommy so we tried to start a Facebook page. With all of her fans, Chica needs to keep up.
Nothing like using a beak to type. I will be the first person to friend request Chica. -Jaxon

Monday, April 23, 2012

Time Out

We visited Dr. Tom today. All and all it was a pleasant enough experience. There was a brief betrayal when the nurse gave me an unexpected shot that resulted in some glaring but I was all smiles after I got a colorful band-aid. Everything was fine until Dr. Tom gave Mommy a talk about "Time Out". Apparently I will be trying to show my independence more and more. Sometimes I will be pushing the boundaries of good behavior.
Rough! I'm not looking forward to this development in the future. Daddy couldn't resist holding the prospect of "Time Out" over my little head all night. Well, put a fence up and I'll try and jump it. Get ready for a Power Struggle Baby! -Jaxon

Sunday, April 22, 2012

In Pursuit of Rocks!

Sometimes it is hard not being able to speak. I mean I had needs today and it took until the end of the day to realize it. They took me to see tulips but they missed the point entirely!
Yeah, I played nice with those tulips but that was not what I wanted. What I really wanted to get my hands on were some ROCKS!
Unfortunately the environment of Tulip Town was just not conducive to playing with rocks. Just way, way too much foot traffic. Thankfully there is a place we could go to in the San Juans just a few minutes from Mt. Vernon where I can get my little hands on giant, clean rocks that have never been stepped on by other humans.
Not that I minded seeing tulips, I just wanted to manhandle something a little less delicate. -Jaxon

Saturday, April 21, 2012

I am a "Little Dickens" Tonight

I was described as a "Little Dickens" by Daddy today. In other words I was a bit of a nuisance. Hey, I would like to describe it more as just being curious. I learned how to use the automatic window in the back of the car, there was the usual yelling and throwing things and I finished by dropping the remote in Mommy's water (It was a buoyancy experiment).
Hey, all I can say is that I was truly at the Top of My Game today! -Jaxon

Friday, April 20, 2012

Feeding Alicia Silverstone Style

Turns out Alicia Silverstone feeds her little boy like a bird. I think this is kind of Clueless but I guess a Mommy gets to make her own rules.
I appreciate the thought Mommy but I am not a little bird. I am JAXON! Truth be told I wasn't very co-operative in getting this picture taken. -Jaxon

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting My Way With Papo

Wrapping my Daddy around my finger isn't that easy. He is too afraid of Mommy. Papo is a different story though.

Well if Mommy is going to say "No" and put my toys away I will find other means to get at them. All I really had to do was wait for Papo to come home and I put my plan into place.

Nothing like a cute offensive. I just led him up the stairs and I had that closet door opened.

The hilarious thing is that they actually thought I would forget that there were toys upstairs.

I was only away from them for ten minutes.


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun in the Tub!

Well, tubs aren't just fun to get clean in. Sometimes they can be a surrogate play ground. Nothing like a pan full of water, some mixing spoons and my friend Bailey to really mix things up.

You have to give our babysitter some serious props for creativity.

Hey! I don't mind a few pictures but we are trying to have a play date here. Who are you, the paparazzi with all these pictures!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Goodbye Ben!

We will always be the best of friends even if we live in different states. Sadly, my friend and Blog co-star Ben has moved to Chicago today.

Ever since we met at Corbin's Birthday over rubber balls we have been the best of friends.

He was a very calming influence in my often tumultuous life. When I was getting worked-up he kept his cool with those steady dark eyes of his.

He proved to me that you don't have to be an obnoxious toddler to have a good time.

Regardless, I wish he could have stayed until we were able to talk. I know I would have been able to convince him to do something naughty.

Well Ben, enjoy the Wendy City. Remember, we will always have Pretzels at the Seattle Aquarium!


Monday, April 16, 2012

Setting Boundaries for Daddy (No Mad Men)

Daddy has jumped on the bandwagon and started watching Mad Men. Well, you can do whatever you want when I am asleep Daddy but when I am awake there will be no passive parenting. We need 110% attention on me.

Besides, this is inappropriate television for Daddy to be watching. These guys drink, smoke and womanize way too much. My Daddy is an impressionable 36 year old. This might be appropriate behavior for Daddies in the early 1960s but not for Daddies of the 2010s.

Well, I did what I had to do. I turned the channel and ate the remote. That seemed to get the point across.

It is sad when I have to be the parent.


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Helping Out . . . And Meeting A New Friend!

When Papo and Deeda take care of me it is understood that they are essentially babysitting but not taking a fee. Very nice!

If Mommy and Daddy aren't going to pay them I can at least get some chores done around their house.

If you are wondering why I have different clothes on in these separate picture just know that sometimes Daddy uses stock pictures. Hey! Some of the best movies out there had a few editing mistakes.

One thing that did happen today was that I found a new friend. I've heard of them before but I have never met an actual Worm. He didn't seem to mind that I through him in the fountain and had to be rescued. I was very disappointed that as soon as I put him on the ground he made a break for it and burrowed away from me.

I suppose some friendships can be fleeting.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

Goodbyes are Always Hard

Well, since Ben is off to Chicago next week we had one last meal together. We even shared each others food. He grabbed some of my steak and I dipped into his applesauce.

Hey, nobody is perfect. I had a bit of tantrum when Ben sat on my Daddies lap for too long but I remembered that he was going away to this "Chicago" place so I agreed to share lap time for once.

Not the most macho thing to do but a hug was certainly well placed.


Friday, April 13, 2012

The 4N Gangs Last Hoorah!

Sadly, the 4N Gang (corbiN, iaN, beN and jaxoN) is going to be reduced to three. Ben is moving back to Chicago, though he will represent there.

Well, you can't just up and leave a Gang without a send-off so we made the day at the Aquarium really count.

Man did we give that Orca a beat down. We are definitely going to have to make sure Ben remembers what an Orca is when he goes back to Chicago.

We had fun but it was bittersweet. The 4N Gang got a little lonelier after today. : (


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Checking Out The Liquor Cabinet

When Papo came home from work today he went to his "Liquor Cabinet". I've never really had a glimpse of this mysterious place but I sure was impressed.

It was so fascinating to have so many colorful bottles. This is definitely something to look forward to in the future. And I do mean future. Apparently I am about twenty years from being allowed to open a liquor cabinet of my own.

Even with vitamins by milk isn't as colorful as Maker's Mark. And who is this Jack Daniel's fellow? Does he make a Number 7 with milk?

So confused but intrigued by the adult world.


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What We Have Here Is A Failure To Communicate . . .

I really can't wait until I can express myself a little better. I want to tell Mommy how much I care for her but it just comes out wrong.

Yeah, I know my timing was a little off being that Mommy was trying to cook dinner but I just needed to show my affection for her.

Sadly, it all came out wrong. I try to tell her the right thing but it just comes off as a bunch of mischief and Daddy takes me away for a "Time Out".

This "Failure to Communicate" problem I am having has got to be resolved some how.

Watch it . . . I may just eat fifty hard boiled eggs despite my egg white allergy!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tearing it Up

I was sent outside today while Mommy was cooking (Sometimes I am just too much of a help in the kitchen).

Conveniently my friend Dominic dropped by. Nothing like two lively little boys to mix it up!

Dominic has three months on me in age so he does things a little quicker so playtime is a bit of a workout. Still, he challenges me to take things to the next level. Wow! I've never felt so confident to jump off stairs!

We finished with some serious truck time in the yard. I was very dirty when it was all over. Hey, what can you say, double the boys double the mess. We totally fed off of each others energy.

I'm going to sleep like a little log tonight!