Monday, October 31, 2011


Well it is finally upon us.  I busted out of Mommy a month early so I could squeeze an extra Halloween into my life so it was going to be my party!

I was bursting with excitement to go Trick-Or-Treating!

Ahhh!  My first piece of candy!  I just flapped my little wings outside of Mrs. Cooks and they filled my bag!
As a Baby/Toddler I am totally getting a hold of the racket of acting cute and getting stuff.

Not to say some of Daddy's behavior wasn't over the top.  Try to feed me with a sword again Daddy, even if you are being a faux Pirate and I'll sick Mommy on you.
Still, when Daddy, Papo and I finally got ready to Trick-Or-Treat I've never been so excited!
There is no way I am going to bed early after hanging with these characters!

I'm Read To Party All Night Long!


Pumpkin Playdate With Addyson!

As if the day wasn't exciting enough I got to spend it with Addyson!

She is my first Friend ever and is starting to become my Number #1 Squeeze.

Not to say we don't have it out though.  She tried taking my Elmo briefly and we squawked a bit but we got over it when we shared Mommy's keys.
I can't say Addyson and I never have our differences . . . all good friends do, but we always reconnect after sharing something.

I don't think adults could ever understand the bond you can have holding a Sippy Cup lid together.


Sunday, October 30, 2011


Very excited about this whole Halloween thing starting tomorrow.  After all it was anticipation for this event that inspired me to make my escape from Mommy early last year.

Daddy and I went to Red Light Vintage and Costume to finalize our costumes.

What a difference a year makes.  Last year I was a little Chili Pepper.  Definitely not as enthusiastic as I am now.  I barely had the strength to drink from a bottle.

                                                         Me the Chili Pepper circa 2010
                                          Me during the dress rehearsal as a Pirate Parrot in 2011.

                                Feeling strong and robust and ready to squawk all day tomorrow!


Saturday, October 29, 2011

Jaxon's Jack-O-Lantern

With Halloween coming Daddy decided we needed to carve a Pumpkin.  Very curious what this entails.  After a trip to QFC we returned with one of the strange orbs.
Well, I get most of my answers through my tongue so I gave it a try.  I was beginning to bond with my first Pumpkin when Daddy did something very disturbing!
He stabbed my Pumpkin with a giant knife!  After that he started pulling the insides of my Pumpkin out! How could you do that to a peaceful little Pumpkin Daddy!
But I learned there was a method to this madness!  Wow!  I was transfixed by the creation suddenly looking at me from the porch.  

The Metamorphosis of a Pumpkin to a Jack-O-Lantern is a real magical moment to for a little baby!


Daddy's Playdate

So apparently when you get older your Playdates are later at night.  Actually in this case it was like hours past my bedtime.

Daddy just disappeared.  It doesn't seem like he was doing a whole lot different from what Ben and I do.  He and his friends drink from bottles and jabber back and forth.

Still they didn't get on swings or dive in the wading pool . . . at least he didn't mention this to Mommy when he returned form King's Hardware.

I guess his playdate holds up but if I had been involved I wouldn't have considered it up to my standards.

I'm Just Saying.


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Get With The Program Daddy!

Daddy is torturing Mommy by not getting her Birthday taken care of.  I love you Daddy but I can always count on her having Cheerios in her purse.  You are a little less dependable.

Get with the program Daddy.  Push comes to shove I'm siding with Mommy and will help her celebrate it without you if you can't plan it!

I am loyal to the one who carried me for nine months!


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They Love Me At San Pio . . . But Still No Salsa


They loved me at San Pio tonight.  Nothing like the warm Spanish culture to make a little Anglo baby like myself feel like a little Carona!

So much love was shown to me.  It I loved the constant hugging and high-fives from the staff.  I haven't seen this level of warmth since Mommy and Daddy took me to China Village.
But Daddy intervened when the food arrived.  I did get some beans but the salsa Mommy and Daddy were gobbling down wasn't shared.  It was too spicy for me . . . whatever.
You had better dip my Honey Nut Cheerios in salsa next time Mommy and Daddy or I will be a little Diablo next time we go to this place.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unmasking Elmo

The world became a lot less exciting and magical today.  It turns out Elmo, my second favorite monster on Sesame Street after Murray is a sham.  This pretty much casts doubt on all the Monsters on that show now.

Elmo is actually a person.  His name is Kevin Clash and he seems nice enough but he is just another human like everyone else.  : (

I watched Kevin confess to everything on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight.  Very depressing. 

I am beginning to believe that life outside the House might not be as exciting as the one portrayed on Sesame Street.

No Monsters or Anthropomorphic Animals out there.  I may be a little wiser today but that doesn't make me happier.


Monday, October 24, 2011

My Giant Noggin

I went to see Dr. Tom again today and of course got to show-off!  It's always a pleasure getting weighed and measured.  As usual I was all smiles.

I am not a particularly competitive baby but when I hear my stats I just get excited.  I mean 90th percentile weight and 75th percentile length.  Wow!  It's all about the Scoreboard baby!

As if I wasn't excited enough Dr. Tom measured my Head  . . . 49 cm circumference, 97th Percentile.  I have a HUGE Melon!

I love it that I am becoming a Man just like my Daddy.  He has a huge Gord also.  

Like Father Like Son!


Sunday, October 23, 2011

Primal Growl 2 : Nature Bites Back!

Daddy was trying to impose his will on me again while he was changing me for bed.  I just snapped!  You can only strong-arm a baby like myself for so long before I strike back.  As Papo said . . . I have a little backbone.

So I bit right into him.  I've bitten Mommy by accident while nursing but this was pure anger.  Of course it was just my little teeth but it was worth a try.
I now know the mechanism that nature gave me to fight back.  I'm not afraid to use it either Daddy!
              Get ready for a fight tomorrow night Daddy.  I'm ready for the main event!

I'll be sharpening my teeth!


My First Facebook Post!

Mommy and Daddy seem addicted to this thing called Facebook.  They get on and talk to their friends and often post pictures of me.  For a medium that is so centered around me I figured that I should take a more "hands on" approach.

Since Mommy and Daddy won't build a Facebook profile for me I used Mommy's iPhone.

I was brief and to the point.  My only comment to the world was .  . .


 ·  · October 19 at 9:32am via mobile

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pool Time With Papo!

I am loving Hawaii!

I don't know what type of Pool I like the best though.  I started the day out with some nice Pool side service from Daddy and Uncle Mark.  Nothing like dangling your feet in the pool and being served McHashBrowns.

Mommy took me in the pool for a swim but right after that the real excitement happened!
Papo and I ran the Pool table!  Now that was an adventure.
Still getting the hang of this game but we didn't stop until all the balls were sunk!



Tuesday, October 18, 2011

No Wine But I Was Still Merry!

Well, they wouldn't let me taste any of the wine.  As a baby there are a lot of things that are denied to me  though I don't understand why.  Still, I did have a good time at the Tedeschi Winery which is part of the Ulupalakua Ranch.

I've never seen so many people so happy.  They were flooding off of the tour buses and they came in all shapes and sizes.  I've never seen so much excitement in my life to purchase souvenirs.

Well, maybe I didn't get any wine but most of those tourists couldn't have straddled the cannon the way I could.

Still putting my small stature to use.


Monday, October 17, 2011



So I have now experienced being jet-lagged for the first time.  On Friday I was whisked away by Mommy and Daddy and after multiple car rides and my first time flying in an airplane I am in Hawaii!

It has taken me three days to recover and regain my composure but now I can blog again.
First thing to do was get myself accustomed to the food here.  I had a pineapple feast.  Keep it coming Momma!
First we went to Wailea Beach and I channeled my inner Beach Bum.  After that I tested the sand.  Total breakdown!  
Ok, second try at Makena Beach the next day.  They kept my 110% away from the sand this time.  I'm a lot happier now.  Surfs Up!