Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Third Halloween!

I have always loved Halloween. I love it so much that I even decided to be born earlier to squeeze in one more to my lifespan. Hey, it sounded way too fun of a Holiday to spend inside of Mommy. The first Halloween I was a immobile Chili Pepper. The second I was a subordinate Parrot with my Pirate Daddy. Today, I got to finally assert myself! Nothing says Alpha Male like a Knight!
Unfortunately, the over use of my Sword at the University Village Trick-or-Treat event forced Daddy to regulate. Apparently there are only so many strangers I am allowed to stab before I get it taken away. Well, it wasn't a total waste. I got to spend some time with my friend Bailey and got enough candy to last me a month. All and all not a total bust. -Jaxon

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Love at Lil Kickers!

There was an issue last week where I reportedly hit a little girl. Honestly that is not my M.O.. Today I just wanted to hold her hand.
I am a loving Toddler, not a fighter! There is nothing that brings people together like a soccer ball. I don't understand my emotions that well but soccer is what brings people together all over the world.
Just saying . . . I don't know what kicking a ball around could eventually lead to. Flirtatious as usual. -Jaxon

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy . . . Am I in Danger??!!?

Oh My! So sorry to hear that Hurricane Sandy is headed our way. Definitely concerned for all the people in the Mid-Atlantic states.
Hopefully it won't make it to Seattle! I'm not sure how close New York and Atlantic City are to where I live but I have seen the aftermath of a severe storm before.
I will go to bed uneasily tonight. With luck we live far enough away. -Jaxon

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Picking the Perfect Pumpkin

I went to get ANOTHER Pumpkin today. Just like there are three people in our family we must have three Pumpkins. It was thus important that I pick the perfect one to round out my collection.
Since this Pumpkin would represent Daddy it needed to be large . . . but some were a bit too big. I mean it couldn't be so big that it blocked the entire porch.
Luckily I had Elmo along with me as a consultant. Just like buying a house or a car getting a pumpkin can be a big decision. It shouldn't be attempted on your own. -Jaxon

My Posse Has My Back!

I may not have brothers and the 4N Gang only gets together sporadically but it is good to know I have a crew watching my back. Would anyone mess with a Toddler with such diverse creatures as a Triceratops, a Giraffe and a Chimpanzee ready to go to bat for him.
Sometimes you just have to display your strength overtly so people know how powerful you actually are to the world.
I admit, these guys couldn't actually fight but if I bring them out every once in awhile I can at least demonstrate the possibility of strength through numbers. -Jaxon

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Father Vs Son (Postponed)

Daddy's friend Pat got him tickets to the UW vs WWU basketball game tonight! Daddy is a Die Hard Western Washington Viking fan but as a future University of Washington Husky I was ready to cheer my team also!
Sadly, the whole event was canceled due to my coughing too much. Mommy didn't want me to exacerbate a fever. : ( Apparently there was concern about me making it through the first half. In the end it might have been for the best. As seen at Lil Kickers yesterday, I can be a very emotionally charged toddler when it comes to sports. God forbid I would hit Daddy over a sports rivalry yet! -Jaxon

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Getting A Little Rough at Lil Kickers

I had another exciting day at Lil Kickers today. Unfortunately, emotion got the better of me.
The details are a little bit foggy but like Zidane it probably had something to do with my Mommy being insulted . . . or it might have been a fist pump gone wrong.
Regardless, I ended up hitting another player and it was a girl. Oh did I ever get in trouble. Well, thankfully her father was understanding. -Jaxon

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Party Animal

I had my Birthday party this weekend. At first I was apprehensive. It is not everyday that a bunch of other toddlers descend on your house and start playing with your toys. Especially my precious Audi!
It upset me so much I had to briefly run to my room to settle down. Still it was worth it. Especially when the 4N Gang reunited!
And by the time my Volcano cake started to erupt with dry ice I was totally becoming a little Party Animal!
Oh what fun the Dinosaur dig in the sand box was!
All and all I did fairly well. My guests left with a plastic dinosaur party favor and I got gift! I should have a Birthday Party every weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My BFF is in Town

Mommy was hinting at a surprise today and OMG my friend Ben showed up in the afternoon directly from Chicago!
Apparently he is staying the weekend! I am actually going to have a sleep over!
Doesn't mean I can't assert myself though. Even friends have boundaries. Sharing Elmo was out of the question!
Still, we had a grand time. It's nice to reconnect with an old friend over mashed pizza.
Looking forward to an adventure tomorrow! -Jaxon

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cheesy Poofs!

Party planning is going well but there is not a QFC or Safeway in North Seattle that stocks party size Cheesy Poofs!
I mean how can you have a birthday without Cheesy Poofs!
It is stressing Mommy and as a result I am stressed! If I don't have Cheesy Poofs for myself and my friends I think I will be too embarrassed to even have a birthday party!
Cheesy Poofs!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Keeping Daddy in Line!

My Birthday may be over but the presents are still rolling in. Today I got a gift from Aunt Renee and Uncle Gene from Lopez Island! No sooner did I hear it was for me than I was bringing it over to Daddy to open! Eventually it was opened and I got to play with my new Alphabet Train Puzzle but not before I had yelled at him way longer than I should have had to.
After that I tackled Daddy and pinned him!
It was in good fun but it was also a bit of a warning. If you don't say "How High" when I tell you to Jump I can overpower you easily Daddy! Just a shot across the bow. -Jaxon

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Learning Bad Manners

Oh I do love Pho and so does Daddy. Daddy loves it so much that when he can't eat it quick enough. He resorts to drinking it straight from the bowl.
Well, what is good enough behavior from Daddy is good enough for me. I am taking notes Daddy. I will be monitoring your beer drinking and cursing as well and will mimic accordingly. -Jaxon

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nothing Says Happy Birthday Like A Chocolate Pancake With A Whip Cream Smile!

I have been on this Earth for two years now. Time to celebrate! There is no better way to start a day of festivities than eating a Chocolate Pancake with a Whip Cream Smile.
Truth be told, I wasn't a huge fan of the thing. Daddy just felt nostalgic because he used to eat them as a child. I was much more interested in Daddy's order of hash browns. Still, I appreciated the thought. Entering my Terrible Twos in style! -Jaxon

Saturday, October 13, 2012

You Don't Need to Eat Meat to be Tough!

I had a very active day of running and lifting pumpkins. So one would think I was in the mood for a MANLY meal of MEAT. Though it was available for some reason I channeled my inner Herbivore.
Even though there was Sausage and Canadian Bacon on my plate I just wanted Salad. Hey, there are plenty of cool animals that prefer plants.
Sometimes the ones that live off of plants are actually the toughest! Grrr!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Cash = Pumpkins

Mommy went to the ATM today. Apparently the only currency at Swans Trail Farm is Cold Hard Cash if you want to walk away with a Pumpkin.
Good thing she remembered to get it out of the ATM because they wouldn't take debit cards. And guess who came with me. My O.G. Addyson! Well, the photos basically speak for themselves! We had a grand time!
Party in the Pumpkin Patch!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Sword and the Refrigerator

I always knew that I was destined to be KING of the house. There is just something in me that says that I am the divinely appointed ruler of my family.
Though I can certainly dress the part I needed a true sign from GOD. Well, if I wasn't going to pull a Sword from a Stone I would at least pull one from the refrigerator.
Hey, what can I say. In the absence of a stone you sometimes have to make do when you are showing that the ALMIGHTY is giving you the right to rule benevolently. -Jaxon

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Mommy decided that she would interrupt my playing. Hey Mommy, I make the decision when I need to have my diaper changed.
I was adamant that Mommy would not impose her will on me but because of my small stature it was necessary not to be caught even if it meant jumping into my foot powered car to try and speed away. Hey, it was worth a try.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who Would Do That???!?!

I can't believe someone would eat a cupcake and spill it all over the carpet. Of course we will never know for sure . . . I am going to point the finger at Daddy.
Spilling crumbs all over the place and just running off is not responsible at all! After all, keeping the house clean is the responsibility of the entire family.
If I ever catch the person responsible I will give them a serious talking to. But for now I think people should forget the whole incident. If there is any serious investigation it should be done by me. You can trust me to lead an impartial investigation. -Jaxon

Monday, October 8, 2012

Getting Back to my Fans!

I can't believe I neglected to write for nearly 72 hours! Well, there is a bit of an explanation. Curse those respiratory problems!
Granted they meant I got to stay-up way past my bedtime at Children's Hospital but there are only so many times I can watch "101 Dalmatians" without getting a little stir crazy!
I am an active toddler. I have friends to visit and places to be. As nice as the doctors and nurses were I needed to bust loose! =Jaxon

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Getting a Little Closer to Using Power Tools!

I had a lot of fun with Papo and Deeda today. Best of all was being taken down to Papo's basement. My Daddy spent a lot of time down there when he was a little boy. He sawed and hammered but never got to use the power tools. Apparently Papo's Table Saw, Electric Drill and Blow Torch were off limits to my Daddy. I am counting on the fact that I am a lot cuter than Daddy as a little boy. Hopefully my charm will allow Papo to make an exception for me.
Well he let me see the Table Saw but it was mainly in the context of warning me about the dangers of it!
In the end I had to be satisfied with Papo allowing me use a Vice in a very supervised manner.
Oh well, I will continue my quest to use a Table Saw before my second birthday!!!!! -Jaxon