Friday, November 30, 2012

How Much Salmon Can Jaxon Eat . . . About A Pound

My little world revolves around Mommy but I do appreciate the occasional Guys Night with my Daddy. Mommy was Painting the Town Red tonight so it was Daddy and me!
We do fun things like watch adult themed TV such as Wheel of Fortune and eat lots of Salmon together.
Oh did I eat Salmon tonight! Daddy cooked a slice for me and a slice for himself. First I ate my slice quickly and after that Daddy couldn't resist giving me his slice just to see how much I could ACTUALLY eat. Well I ate his slice also! Yummy!
I figured Daddy could enjoy his risotto side tonight. Hey, I'm the growing boy not Daddy.
Who is the real King Salmon! -Jaxon

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Getting Into Christmas

Oh my, now that I can comprehend so much more this year I am really getting into Christmas.
The excitement level was really increased when Daddy read me The Polar Express. The concept of a train that will whisk me away to the North Pole to actually visit Santa in person kept me titillated.
I swear, by the time they get the stockings up I will be so excited my head will be ready to burst. To think, I haven't even opened the first door on my Advent Calendar yet! -Jaxon

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I Don't Mind These Stats

So I got to spend the day with four ladies today. Hey, I'm not saying I mind my guy friends but with gals I feel far less territorial. I feel far less inclined to say "Mine!" unless one of them is crawling on my Mommy.
Best of all. Gals are usually giving me things like blocks so I don't feel the need to assert my authority. When I become a little boy and before I like girls the way Daddy likes Mommy I might be less inclined to spend a day with a bunch of women but today it was great! Especially with all the attention I was getting. -Jaxon

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I Have Got to Stop Admitting to These Things

I really don't care for Daddy changing my diapers. I mean, as much as I like being clean the whole process of being thrown onto the changing table and being manhandled I could do without!
The problem is that my growing ability to speak really excites me. Whenever I have an accident I just can't resist telling everyone that I Pooped! I may deny it right afterwards but the damage has been done and I'm off to be changed again. :( I think the next step in my development is to learn to be a little more subtle or God forbid potty trained. -Jaxon

Monday, November 26, 2012


After finishing off the rest of the Turkey leftovers yesterday it is safe to say we have officially started the Christmas festivities! After screaming about wanting the tree up Daddy finally relented. Bring on the Christmas Tree! Safe to say, this could not wait for after dinner!
In the words of Larry the Cable Guy who Mommy despises, Git-R-Done!
Thankfully for Mommy, Daddy isn't a Cable Guy (He would have probably decorated the tree with old beer cans) . . . but he isn't an electrician either. Only about 2/3 of the lights turned on.
Not a problem for this Toddler though.
I just change my vantage point. Problem solved. -Jaxon

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Another New Friend

I got to meet another new friend today. His name is Ethan and he is a mere fourteen hours older than I am. We had a great trip to the park!
Well almost a "Great" trip. Daddy forgot that his most important job is to protect me from myself. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a collision with Brian, Ethan's Daddy when I ran under him when he was on a swing.
What a guy! Ethan didn't even get jealous when Brian was comforting me. Still a little traumatized. -Jaxon

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Friday Madness!!!!

We went to Northgate today to do a little shopping. It is after all the biggest shopping day of the year and I figured I should be in the thick of things. I didn't necessarily participate in any shopping. Daddy's job was to keep me occupied. He was successful to a certain extent. The indoor playground was quite fun but he made the fateful decision to buy me some jelly beans.
Turns out he only had fifty cents. That means only two orders from the machine. When I realized there would be no more the wheels came off emotionally.
I can be a bit fragile sometimes. I don't think I am ready for the strains of an actual Black Friday sale yet. After I realized there were no more jelly beans to be had I nearly ran the entire length of the mall to be comforted by Mommy! -Jaxon

Thunder Hooves!

Thanksgiving is where we think about all the things we are grateful for during the year. Well, I have a lot to be thankful for. Not only am I the center of Mommy and Daddy's life but when I see my extended family I become the center of their world also.
I was soooo well taken care of at dinner last night. To celebrate I charged all over the house until well past my bedtime.
Apparently, a long time ago when the Pilgrims met the Native Americans the first Thanksgiving was to commemorate that the Pilgrims didn't starve. Well, I'm in no danger of starving but I do appreciate the help the Native Americans gave to my ancestors. To commemorate them I was given my own Native American name last night . . . Thunder Hooves! -Jaxon

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Salon Diva

Daddy decided that I needed a stylish haircut for Thanksgiving tomorrow. He thought he could bribe me with a lollipop. Boy was he mistaken. I am a bit high maintenance. When I go to a salon I need to be catered to. Before I was willing to sit and be pampered it was necessary to have both parents with me. So I insisted that Daddy get on the phone and have Mommy come to my side also.
Sometimes perfection has a price. The price for me is both parents attending to me and two lollipops and my stylist changing the channel to the Sprout network. -Jaxon

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Got It!

I knew what I wanted tonight and tonight I wanted a FIRE! But I realized that the way to get it probably wasn't going to be achieved by screaming even if that was what I really wanted to do to get my point across. Sometimes it just works better to use my cute toddler charm.
I met Daddy at the door after he got back from work and gave him a big hug. I looked into his eyes and sweetly said "fire". After that I gave him the cutest smile imaginable. Jackpot! -Jaxon

Monday, November 19, 2012

Too Slow Mommy!

Mommy decided to read some Curious George tonight. I appreciated the thought but she was taking way too long to get through it.
Hey, no one ever said patience was one of my characteristics and from what I have read it really isn't one of George's defining traits either.
I just grabbed the book and started reading it to Mommy myself. The story went a lot faster and I got right to the exciting parts much more quickly. Sometime you just need to take the initiative. -Jaxon

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Zoo Day With Daddy

It was rainy today and Daddy wanted to get out of the house. No park but the Zoomazium seemed to be in order. Unfortunately, on Sundays it is closed. Well, Daddy wasn't going to be deterred. After a little walking around in the rain we found the Rainforest Pavilion.
Oh it was a little scary at first. The Rainforest is beautiful but it is also an unforgiving place where the Law of the Jungle rules. All those Ocelots and Bushmasters had me kind of scared. I cuddled closely to Daddy. I figured that if they came for us they would eat Daddy first and I would have time to escape.
But once I was content that they were not a danger to me I started having fun observing nature. It is easy to be brave when you are protected by thick glass walls! -Jaxon

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Date Night!

Mommy and Daddy went on a "Date" tonight. Sounds good to me! I actually pushed them out of the house.
This means that they leave me with Papo and Deeda. I mean, I've gone to Cafe Lago a few times also. Not a bad place, they give me pizza dough and crayons to play with but in the end I usually just end up being overextended and leave crying.
Besides, as courteous as the staff is at Cafe Lago I really don't see a waiter sitting down on the kitchen floor and reading a story to me while dinner is being cooked. Papo and Deeda don't even ask for a tip. =Jaxon

Friday, November 16, 2012

Alas Twinkie, I Hardly Knew Thee!

Sadly, because of labor disputes the Twinkie is being discontinued.
They really should have had Twinkie the Kid intervene between Labor and Management. He would have tied them together with his lasso until they reached an agreement that was beneficial to everyone.
Unfortunately, the only Twinkie I ever got to taste was the fried one that Daddy bought at the Evergreen State Fair over two years ago. And he kind of hogged it.
I guess there are some things I will never get to grow-up with. -Jaxon

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Naked Buns By The Fire

It was great having a warm house tonight. So much so that clothing was optional.
It was mainly an attempt by Mommy and Daddy to acculturate me to using a training toilet but I just used it as an excuse to live in the buff for the night. Eventually Daddy tried to put some diapers on me and I had a tantrum! I might be the best dressed Toddler on the block but I am most in my element in my birthday suit.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Meeting Some Strange People at Northgate

Oh my! I certainly met some strange people when we went to the Northgate mall to exchange some jeans.
They had the ability to stand in one place and had zero percent body fat.
Disturbingly some of them didn't even have heads. Being the warm hearted Toddler that I am I did my best to make friends but I had no luck. To be honest they seemed kind of full of themselves. Oh well, I guess everyone can't be my friend. Sad. :( Jaxon

Monday, November 12, 2012

Living the Plastic Lifestyle!

Nothing says honoring our Veterans like going to that ultimate of American institutions today, McDonald's!
And at the end of our visit I was given access to another great American institution . . . the Credit Card! I thought they didn't hand these things out to kids until they showed-up for their first day of college!
Well the people at McDonald's sent me home with one. The sweet cashier joked that it should only be used for emergencies . . . Daddy told her that if she told me that everything would be an emergency. Don't worry Daddy, I will use it responsibly, but since I have it now I'd like another Happy Meal with the other toy! -Jaxon

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Mommy and Daddy had a pre-Thanksgiving party at the house this weekend. They invited Uncle Justin and Aunt Sabrina, well they aren't technically my Aunt and Uncle (Full disclosure they aren't even a couple) but they sure gave me the same amount of attention!
It is nice to realize that there are other people out there who aren't even biologically related to me who realize that the world revolves around Jaxon! -Jaxon

Friday, November 9, 2012

Greedy? Me?

We went to the University Village tonight because Mommy and Daddy said I had energy to burn off. We ended doing a bit of shopping per my request. Kids Club was nice but Mommy and Daddy ushered me out when I started grabbing bigger and bigger toys. After that we went to Peek! Oh was that a treat. Two wonderful store clerks who offered me a Dinosaur from the jar!
Well, as long as they are going to let me put my hand in the jar I might as well GRAB AS MUCH AS I CAN! Mommy told me not to be greedy. The way I see it I was just taking advantage of an opportunity the way any good business toddler would. When you get an opening to get as many Dinosaurs as possible take it! -Jaxon

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hitting the Planetarium

It was quite fun. My desire to see the Moon up close was realized. Today I was treated to a trip to the Willard Smith Planetarium with Papo and Deeda. Oh my it was fun. We even got to go on the Preschool Trip to the Moon. Granted, I was a bit underage but you tell Jaxon "No" at your own peril.
After that we enjoyed everything the Pacific Science Center had to offer.
I even got to see the Dinosaurs though I didn't leave my stroller. As with my experience at the Woodland Park Zoo I'm only going to get so close to something that could eat a toddler in one bite. Just being safe. -Jaxon

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Want A FIRE Daddy!

Oh curse my small stature . . . and the fact I don't speak much adult yet. Building a fire with Daddy can be a bonding situation. I love giving him pieces of wood to load into the fireplace.
It brings me back to my early days when I was a fat little baby who couldn't even walk. I would just lay and bask in front of that fire and roast like a pig on a spit. It was heavenly.
Of course there is no Father/Son bonding if Daddy won't build one for me on demand. No matter how much I screamed and pointed at the door to the downstairs where the wood is stored he didn't have a clue. I want a FIRE Daddy! Why can't you get my demands through your thick skull Daddy. Finally out of desperation I went to the fireplace and the words I was searching for finally came out as I wailed FIRE! Daddy's response, try to distract me with Caillou until Mommy came home and put me to bed. Oh was I mad! Lucky for Daddy I had exhausted so much energy yelling at him that I fell asleep like a log on a roaring fire. -Jaxon

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night, I vote for Caillou

So America had an election tonight. Not really my cup of tea. Daddy tried to watch the coverage but I was having none of it. There was way too much yelling and flashing of images on the major networks. Having it on in the background just worked me up.
In the end there was a clear unanimous decision that for the sanity level of the house we would watch Caillou until bedtime.
Yeah, yeah, I know, I will be going to bed without knowing the winner of the election but in my world the leader of the free world is fairly irrelevant.
The only authority figure I respect anyway is Mommy and she doesn't adhere to election cycles. -Jaxon