Monday, November 28, 2011

Vacuums call for caution

I'm still a little apprehensive about this vacuum thing.  Mommy takes it out and sucks anything I might want to eat off the carpet which I'm not that wild about.  Still, it does intrigue me.  The loud sound it makes fascinates me!  Still it is best to keep my distance.

I mean lions and tornadoes are interesting from a distance.  You aren't supposed to get right next to them though.
There were a few tense moments when I thought it had cornered me but for the most part I was able to outmaneuver it.
Of course I will admit a little recklessness on my part.  I couldn't resist getting close a few times.  Still, I resisted the temptation to actually touch it.

Sometimes you have to put yourself at risk to actually feel alive!


Colds . . . What Are The Good For? (If you can't skip school)

I am experiencing a strange thing over the last few days . . . it is called a "cold".  I'm generally into new experiences.  Usually they include tasting new things and meeting new people.

I don't like this thing though.  My little nose gets stuffed-up, runs and I cough a lot.

Apparently I caught a "virus".  I did what I usually do when I get something I don't want, I give it to Daddy.

Unfortunately in this case it didn't get rid of it for me.

Days like this . . . A little guy needs his Mommy big time!



Saturday, November 26, 2011

Apple Cup

As a Washington Baby in turns out that this is going to be a ritual every year.  Last year I wasn't really leaving the crib much but this year I got to catch a bit of the Apple Cup!

Again the details of Football are a little unclear to me.  However, I am beginning to understand the concept of taking objects an running with them and being chased.
Apparently passions run a little high around this game so I'm not supposed to give a pick in my blog or risk having Mommy or Daddy de-friended over Facebook.

Good thing I haven't learned to type on my own yet Daddy.  Otherwise I would be flaunting my TRUE colors.


Getting the Christmas Tree Up!

With Thanksgiving over for nearly 48 hours it was decided that it was definitely time to get our Christmas decorations ready.  

Because of my small stature I could only be so much help but I did my best.

I look at this as more of an apprenticeship stage.  Basically what I do is observe the things Daddy does.  Apparently we will go to a tree farm some year but Daddy mentioned something about me putting pine needles in my mouth.
That and plugs . . . for some reason Daddy thought it should be as far away from my reach as possible.
Getting the ornaments was fun also.  One Starbucks snow globe was smashed but all and all it was a successful project.
A beautiful Christmas Tree!  For some reason all the ornaments were out of my reach.  I guess they had their reasons.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Partying At China Village Tonight!

Daddy and Papo were busy with the Christmas lights tonight so there was no time to cook dinner . . . we decided to go to China Village.

I of course love going there.  So much attention from the owner Amy and the staff.  I am her little "Tiger Baby".

I sampled the Pottstickers, Low Mein, Beef With Snow Peas, Dumplings, Chicken and Broccoli topped off with a Fortune Cookie.  And guess who was mastering Chop Sticks for the first time!
Eventually the excitement was too much and I had to be dragged home.  Hey . . . if you need two people to carry you home it was a good night!



Now that was a drive.  I was a good baby for most of the trip but by the time we hit Chuckanut even I was breaking down.

But after we finally got to Bellingham I concluded it was worth the the wait.

It had been a long time since I had seen my relatives and I got to meet the newest edition . . . Ben!

Kind of nice not being the youngest in the family anymore.  We bonded instantly.
Nothing like continual head touches to get to know someone well.  I was a little disappointed that he slept so much though.  I thought I was going to have a little playmate and was worried I was going to be alone until I met Mochie!  I'm going to have to harass my parents for one of these once I can speak grown-up better.
All and all Thanksgiving was very pleasing.  I slept all the way home after my Turkey and Pie infusion.
Now I get to start getting ready for Christmas!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Turkey Baby That Never Was

I was a little cross with Mommy today.  She was preparing some food for Thanksgiving and not another Birthday for me.

Now I'm not saying I didn't appreciate the party Mommy had for me last month but I don't see why I shouldn't have another one around this time.  I was scheduled to show-up on Thanksgiving last year but I decided to make an escape early.

After all, I am who I am.  I feel that I deserve a party on my actual Birthday and the one that was originally on the schedule.

I'm just saying . . . 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

I Want To Be A Tyrannosaurus (When I Grow-Up)

Mommy read all about the fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex tonight.  Very exciting!

I was riveted as I learned about how this Dinosaur roamed the Cretaceous Period.  It ruled that age kind of the way I rule the house.

I figure since Daddy grew-up to be a Superhero, I mine as well grow-up and be a Tyrannosaurus.

I did my best to practice for my future role.  For the rest of the night I charged around the house and tried to eat everything!

Sadly . . . When Mommy actually gave me some MEAT (The kind of stuff a T-Rex would actually eat) I was totally full from all the Pasta, Yogurt and Blueberries I ate (What am I, a wimpy Brontosaurus?!!?!).

Well it was good training.

I wonder if there are Becoming A Tyrannosaurus 101 courses I can take in college?


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Potty Training

I'm getting on in months and unfortunately that can mean more responsibility.  Yipes!  Pretty soon they are going to be making me take the garbage out.

It turns out that even though it might have been convenient in the past . . . simply letting it all go will no longer be an option soon.

Mommy left me with Daddy today and went to a class.  

They outlined a twelve step/twelve week process to wean me off the diaper.  It involves certain techniques such as Tinkle Trips, Bathroom Camping, Catching Poops AND Long Sits at Prime Time.

Honestly, this whole regimen sounds like I'm about to go to Boot Camp.

Can't I stay a baby forever! : (


A True Italian Dinner!

I'm really coming around to to the concept of Italian food.  I certainly appreciated it when I learned we were going to Piatti tonight.

Nothing like a good acknowledgement as to who was sitting down to be served to start the night right.
Pasta!  I love this stuff.  Keep it flowing Mommy!
Top it off with some lemon sorbet.  I was having a full course meal!
Finish off the meal with a nice cigar.  Mine was cookie flavored.
A real man needs to finish a meal right.


Thursday, November 17, 2011

When Mommy Is Away . . .

Mommy was concerned about the lack food in the refrigerator tonight so she left us Boys at the house while she went to QFC.

Now I do love Mommy . . . but there is nothing like having the rules relaxed around the house for an hour.

Daddy relived his childhood (actually is early twenties) by watching Starship Troopers on the SciFi network.  During this time I wandered the house like a Starship Trooper myself.  I was inspired!

By the time Mommy got back from QFC I had done to the living room what the Troopers eventually did to the bug planet of Klendathu.  
Conveniently the living room has a way of cleaning itself after I'm done.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Grooving to the Chipmunks

Mommy decided to get on the iPhone and download some classic tunes for us.

There is nothing as exciting as listening to Alvin, Simon and Theodore sing contemporary pop music!

Mommy can sure dance!

We were Grooving!  Especially when they started to belt out Katy Perry!
Rock it Mommy!
Wow!  That was intense!
If these guys ever come to play Seattle I'm going to insist my Parents take me!

The Chipmunks Rock, and so does Mommy!


Monday, November 14, 2011

A Treasure In My Cheerios!

Sadly I polished off the Cheerios prematurely . . . but there was a condolence prize!  It turns out that at the bottom of each box is a prize!

And what a prize it was!  At the bottom of the box was my first COMIC BOOK!  I couldn't wait to hear about the adventures of the Justice League.  However, I was so excited that I couldn't perch on Daddy long enough to have it read.

I just ran around yelling about my new prize.  I might even wake-up tonight and yell about it some more.

Maybe by tomorrow I will have relaxed enough to actually appreciate this wonderful literature.


Sunday, November 13, 2011

Flu Shots!

For my own well being . . . Mommy insisted that Daddy get a flu shot.

I was very concerned driving over.  Sure it was for Daddy but was this a ruse?!?  Usually when "Shots" are involved it means a painful experience for me.  All the way over I was worried.
How many was I going to get!??!

Well, it turned out it was only Daddy getting the shot.  When we came to Stone Turtle Health I avoided any type of shot and Dr. Katie lavished me with attention.
Hey, if I can take a trip to a Doctor's office and walk-out not being pricked it was a good day.

Thanks for keeping my Daddy flu free Dr. Katie!


Hosting My First Dinner Party!

Mommy and Daddy haven't entertained much since I came along . . . but Saturday they had an opportunity.  Aunt Sabrina, Aunt Ashley and her Boyfriend Rick all came over.

It was great holding court and telling all the guests entertaining stories.  I sure loved co-chairing at the head of the table with Daddy.  I definitely know how to be a host.
It got really exciting when Daddy's friend Jamie and his wife Susie dropped by also.  Jamie has known my Daddy since they were little boys.  He is really fun and loud.  He got me all riled up for the night.  It was great!
Of course I just fed off the excitement after that.  After dinner I continued entertaining the guests.  Hey, as long as they were at the house I was going to keep the party going!

Eventually it was just Me and my Parents.  But I kept on going!  Eventually I wore myself out around Eleven but I could have gone longer!  They had to resort to the whole sharing the bed technique to finally calm me down.

Can't wait to host my NEXT party!