Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Allergies=I Turn Into A Monster

I got my allergy results today from Dr. Tom, very lame!  No Cow's Milk, No Peanuts, No Egg Whites!  It's not like I was eating those things but they were going through Mommy in her milk so she can't have them either.

As you might have guessed I didn't take the news lying down.  It was perfect that I had just received a little Monster hat from Papo's cousin on the East Coast.  It allowed me to burn off some steam.

I am a ferocious beast when I am told "No"!

If I can't have those foods I'm going to eat something exciting!

Perhaps Mommy's Sunset Magazine . . .
. . . or the remote.

Hey, I had a lot of angst.  I wanted to eat something fun now that I have all these new restrictions.

Again, the older I get the more rules.



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