Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Jaxon's Jack-O-Lantern

Mommy and Daddy were a little scatter brained about getting the Halloween decorations together but they finally got their act together.

But tonight Daddy was serious.  Maybe a little too serious.

Still, despite his determination he couldn't do it on his own.  Thankfully, I still had a Pirate Sword in my back pocket.
Get that Pumpkin open!
There we go.  Finally getting in the Halloween spirit.


Monday, October 28, 2013

3 Years Old = Pirates

As is the tradition I had a birthday party with a Theme.  This year it was Pirates and boy was I excited.
Argh!  If I could get a sail on this house I would plunder the neighborhood.
I truly think Daddy was a Pirate before Mommy told him he had to settle down and be more responsible.
All of a sudden all my friends were over.  What do you say Max, your hook versus my sword, who do you think will win?
Being a Pirate also attracts the ladies.  All of a sudden my entire room was filled with Princesses and Fairies.  I didn't mind this intrusion at all.
Oh yeah, nothing like a giant feast of cupcakes to party like a Pirate!


Thursday, October 24, 2013

Getting My Paint On

I have an exciting event planned for this weekend.  The official name for it is a Birthday Party but I call it a bunch of attention focused on me day.  Pretty sweet!  Anyway, it was really bringing out Daddy's creative side.  Turns out he has this passion for painting that he doesn't get to do much but for my Birthday he decided to bust it out!
Dang Daddy!  You are spending my inheritance at the paint store.  Seems like we came back to this place three times today.  Daddy is definitely in the zone.
What a lot of fun.  My only gripe is that when he let me paint he was holding my brush and directed me to scribble on scrap paper most of the time.  Come on Daddy, you've got to let me show my true artistic side eventually.


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Getting the Goods

It was time to get a Jaxon-O-Lantern.  Mommy and Daddy kind of dropped the ball but Aunt Ashley and Uncle Andrew stepped up to the plate.
My house was beginning to look like the only house without a pumpkin and I was getting a bit anxious.  Well I got one today but first I had to have a little fun.
Phew, and no I wasn't in the mood for a nap.  Sorry Mommy.  
Oh yeah, I got the goods.  Time to go home and put a knife into one of these babies!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Humoring Daddy

Daddy never seemed all that impressed with my cartoons.  It is not that he doesn't like cartoons, he just thinks the TV shows he saw as a little boy were far better.  Today he sat me down in front of YouTube and started showing me some of the cartoons he grew-up with.  Some of his favorites, Looney Toons, the Smurfs, G.I. Joe, Mighty Mouse, He-Man and most importantly . . . the Transformers!

The animation wasn't exactly Disney Junior quality but Daddy told me what was more important were the characters and the story lines which are far more developed.  He told me you just don't see heroes like Optimus Prime or villains like Megatron anymore.
I learned about the Autobots who were protecting the resources of Earth from the Decepticons.
I'm not saying I didn't appreciate Daddy's reliving his childhood- it was actually kind of cute, still, you have grow-up someday Daddy.  

I do appreciate the concept of a robot that can turn into a car or a plane.  Unfortunately, these guys will never be able to hold my attention like Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile.

Sorry Daddy, this is my cartoon era.


Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello Ladies!

Daddy said that since my three year check-up with Dr. Tom went so well that we should go to the Happy Meal Place.  Well, that was a treat in itself but could you believe it! A whole line of women were there for me to flirt with!  Since they were all waiting to order they were a captive audience.
Well, I pulled out all the stops.  I danced feverishly and even gave them one of my drawing just to prove that I am athletic AND creative.  Well, it worked, one of them even admitted I was a "Ladies Man".

I sure know how to turn it on when it counts!  I definitely have game.


Thursday, October 17, 2013

Safe Harbor

It has been getting darker outside lately.  Unfortunately, this can mean that my boats and cars could crash into each other.

I take the responsibility for keeping my toys safe VERY seriously, so it only seemed logical to install a lighthouse.
When lives are at stake I make sure to step-up.  If I don't take responsibility who will?


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

My Disneyland Experience Part 2

There was no way I could squeeze my Disneyland experience into a single blog post.  Did I mention that the town of Radiator Springs is located right next door!  What a wonderful coincidence.

What a place!  The cars didn't seem to really mind all the tourists who were spilling over into their town.
Actually they kind of seemed to like the attention.  Especially Mater!  That guy wouldn't stop talking!
Meeting Lightning McQueen was great and I even pulled Red out of his shell a little bit.
Oh, did I mention that after we visited Radiator Springs I got a big hug from two beautiful faeries.  I guess there was a reason I left Minnie in the stroller, she would have been horribly jealous.
I have decided that whenever you have an exciting adventure you should get a tattoo to remember it by so I ran over to get inked with a Nemo.
This look is totally me.  Eat your heart out Mike Tyson!
And of course the tattoo called for another hug!  Three times is a charm.  What can I say, I think I have a certain power over women!
Maybe next time I will be tall enough for all these rides!


Monday, October 14, 2013

My Disneyland Experience Part 1

Well, it was true!  All the hints came true and "Yes" I was off to Disneyland!  What an exciting experience.

Starting out I told Mommy I was a little "scared" but also "excited".  Hey, that is the beginning of any adventure.

One thing that would make me feel comfortable about taking a flight, investigating the cockpit.  I wanted to make sure that the people who were going to be flying me to California were well qualified.
Ok, the crew checked out.  We even had a conversation about a possible career as an airline pilot.
Well, we were off!  When we arrived there were a few false starts.  "Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" was a little too Wild for me and the attempt by the family to relax me by taking me on the Pinocchio ride made me even more upset (How the heck is a story about being eaten by a whale and boys being turned into donkeys  supposed to calm me?).

I was actually starting to wonder if this trip had been he best idea.
But after a breakfast and a big hug from Tigger things were feeling a lot better.
After that a trip to the store was in place.  Now that I truly looked the part I was ready to take on this place.  I really felt like I was a natural at this now.

Oh, did I mention that I got a new girlfriend also!

Minnie would be my consummate companion through this exciting saga . . . more to come.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Magical Night

It sure seemed like everything was glowing today.  I don't know what it was but everything just seemed a little more magical . . . It felt like Christmas Eve.

But Christmas in early October be even Halloween?  What could it be?
Perhaps Santa will be coming early tomorrow.  How does that poem go?
"Not a creature was stirring . . . Not Even A Mouse!
Just saying, I'm feeling something unexpected will happen!


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some Excitement . . . That I Missed!

I am quite the regular at the University Village.  There are toy stores, sweet stores, play equipment and lots of other children.

Unfortunately, I wasn't there today for what was the most exciting day of the year!

Oh my!  I wish I could have a water main burst at my house!  It was like a giant sprinkler!
You don't see this kind of chaos everyday.  It was kind of like my preschool but with adults!
The entire University Village became a giant bathtub.  Oh to have been in the thick of it!

Where was I when all this excitement was going on?  

Being well rested for dinner wasn't worth missing this action.


Monday, October 7, 2013

Taking Control of the Meetings Agenda

Daddy had some insurance agents over tonight.  I'm a bit confused about this whole "Insurance" concept but I think it is equivalent to wearing a seatbelt.  Still enough talk Daddy.  He was essentially treating it as a social hour especially when he started getting beer out of the refrigerator.

That is when I decided it was time take control of the meeting and dominate the agenda!  Yeah, I'm the one who really calls the shots here.  It helps being loud and cute though!


Sunday, October 6, 2013

Paying My Respects To The Fremont Troll!

I had always wondered about the mysterious Troll that lived under the Aurora Bridge and ate the cars of people who didn't pay his tribute of gold.  Well, today Daddy took me to meet him in person.

He was a bit intimidating at first but when I saw other children playing on him I relaxed a bit.  I'm assuming that Daddy pays him his gold tribute in the mail with the rest of his bills.  Nothing like a steady flow of gold to keep a Troll happy and willing to let children run around on top of him but I still kept my distance.  He might be hungry.
We carried on to a far happier and perhaps safer part of Fremont.
Hello J.P. Patches!
Ok that is just strange.  This place is like the Land of Oz.  We hit up Waiting For The Interurban and I met a dog with the head of a man.
Very peculiar.
I decided this really needed some investigation.
We ended the day at the Fremont Sunday Market but Daddy was looking nostalgically at the Red Door, he told me wistfully it might be a few decades before he could take me there.

The Red Door seemed to be the least exciting part about our trip to Fremont but Daddy seemed the most enthusiastic about visiting it.  I'll just write this off as a grown-up eccentricity.