Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pies & Pints - My First Public House Experience

Mommy and Daddy took me to my first "Public House" today.  Lots of fun people there.  They sat me in the front since little babies like myself aren't allowed in the back (Which of course makes me fascinated as to what is back there that a baby shouldn't see????)

All the people serving us had bright colored hair and drawings on their skin.  I wish Mommy and Daddy were as exciting as the people at "Pies & Pints".  I really liked the nice lady serving us.  She picked-up my toys when I threw them on the ground.  She even washed my serving spoon.
Mommy and Daddy were a little stingy.  The food that I ate was all stuff Mommy brought from home.  Even though they know how much I love French Fries they didn't think it was wise to let me try the Cajun Fries they ordered. But then . . . I looked up and saw the twirling fans.  Wow!  I want one of those  in my house.  They are mesmerizing.

I put on a bit of a show towards the end for Mommy, Daddy and the people next to us.  But hey, it's a public house.  People are supposed to talk louder.

Bottoms Up (With Milk)!


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