Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Intruders in the Neighborhood

As a baby, my little world isn't all that big.  Basically my world consist of my house and the neighborhood I live in.   Thus, it is very disturbing that I hear there are burglars who are sneaking into houses near where I live and stealing things.  Would they steal my Baby Einstein?!?!  Or Me!?!


That is why I am giving my full co-operation in protecting the house.  I can't own a gun but I can yell very loud if someone a don't trust comes into the house.  Yell first, ask questions later.
I'm also not afraid to use my two teeth to bite anyone who touches any of the property of the family.

Defending the house from intruders is a responsibility of the entire family.  Even the baby.


Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

I appreciated that both Mom and Dad had the day off today.  I was a little disturbed to learn why we have a Memorial Day though while listening to the radio.  I still haven't wrapped my little head around the concept of "Death" but it sounds pretty scary.  This new concept of "War" where people die prematurely is very concerning.

I'm sure a lucky baby to be born in a place like America but I understand that people had to die to protect my country.

I sure hope none of the little babies crawling around today ever have to go to war.

Thank You Soldiers.


San Juan Island Adventure Part 2

The next day on the island was very exciting.  Grandpa took me to the water and I got to sample the water of the Rosario Strait with my little feet.  Very cold.  However, after a little dip I started to come around to it.  I guess I am going to have to get used to rocky beaches and cold water if I am a Pacific Northwest Baby.
Then I was attached to my new baby backpack and we were off.  It would have been an exciting hike I'm sure . . . but I slept almost as soon as Dad started walking.
All and all though, very fun.  During my little trip I took a jeep ride, watched Grandpa chop wood AND use a chainsaw.  I got to relax next to roaring fires.  A good time was had by all.
In the end though, all weekends must come to an end so I drove my family home.  Now THAT made me feel like a big boy for sure.

Enjoyed the weekend.

San Juan Island Adventure Part 1

I had a very exciting Memorial Day Weekend.  Daddy told me that I would be going on an adventure and boy was he right.  Turns out Daddy's family has some property in the San Juan islands.  I've never been to an "island" before.

Things were a little bit rough at first.  For the ride up they put me in a life jacket but it should have been called a Baby Torture Device.  I cried and cried and eventually all the adults came to the conclusion that if the boat was going down they could quickly get me back into it.

The beach was exciting also.  But again I had to deal with a bunch of silly rules.  They would allow me to suck on the rock but when I tried to eat it I was denied.  So far I wasn't a fan of this "Island".
But later on that night things got a little better.  Grandma let me try zucchini for the first time  Very exciting!  I ate the whole thing, no problem.  I'm certainly looking forward to tomorrow.

I think I am coming around to island life.


Friday, May 27, 2011

Angry Birds

So Grandpa has gotten into this game on his iPhone when he was recovering from the flu.  The whole video game concept is still something new to me but apparently when I become a little boy I probably will have to be ripped away from them.

I certainly understand the mentality of the birds.  If someone, especially an Evil Pig ever stole my eggs I'd knock down all sorts of things to get them back!

Watch out Pigs.  Especially when I learn how to use an iPhone.


Gettin Back to My Southern Roots!

Well, since both sides of my family have roots in the South, coming from Louisiana and Florida I decided to act like a little Southern Baby.

In preparation for an impending trip to the South, I tried out my alligator wrestling skills.
I wrestled my first alligator and won!  After I won the match I tried eating it.  Hey, to the victors go the spoils.
Can't wait to eat these things for real.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Tooth

So it's kind of official.  I have a tooth now!  Unfortunately it has only recently come through so there is only so much use I can get out of it.  I really can't wait till I get of full mouth of these.  I'll be eating burgers, pizza, ice cream, you name it.

Kind of a win/win for a baby.  I get two sets of these things and the first round equals presents from a real live Fairy.  Score!

I'm giddy with excitement.


Goodbye Oprah!

Oprah Winfrey signed off today.  Unfortunately here is a pop culture icon who I will never really get to know even though my life slightly overlapped with her show being on the air.  Kind of like Mary Tyler Moore being on live a year after Daddy was born but he has no recollection of it because, well, he was a baby.

It's sad that I won't get to grow-up with Oprah.  I hear there was a lot of excitement on her show.

As of this posting, Mommy hasn't downloaded the DVR of the last episode but when she does I'm sure she will be crying more then me.  I'll probably be the one comforting her.

Preparing myself for the sob fest.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Corn Chips and My First Tooth!

I got to eat my first corn chip today, actually it was more of me sucking on it but since I have one tooth I'll say I was eating it.  Very tasty.  I gnawed on it for awhile but I wasn't able to break it the way Mom and Dad could.  Still, I'm very excited about the potential of these things.  I've seen what Mom and Dad put on chips.  Exciting.  I can't wait to indulge some salsa, guacamole and bean dip.  I believe having a full set of teeth is going to open up a huge new world of opportunity for me.

Teeth will probably mean to end of my breast feeding but I am slowly starting to deal with it.


Monday, May 23, 2011


Dad's friend Tyler and his wife Janelle came to visit from Las Vegas.  Tyler was Dad's roommate for four years when they both went to Western Washington University.  I was excited because I learned Tyler worked at a casino.  Very exciting.  But then Tyler kept on making fun of Dad!  Either my Dad is the biggest doofus in the world or Tyler is just mean!  It was a little upsetting to me so I didn't warm up to him right away.
Still it seemed like Daddy and Tyler really enjoyed being with each other.  They even laughed most of the time.
This whole phenomenon I am noticing with Dad and his friends really confuses me.  It seems like when guys are friends with each other they make fun of each other a lot.  Very strange.  Perhaps when I make my first friend I will understand.
I didn't have any trouble warming to his wife, Janelle though.  She is a sweetie.  


My First Trip to a Casino

When we were up in Ferndale we needed a place to stay so I had my first night away from home since I was delivered at the hospital.  We spent the night at a Casino!  Wow!  Lots of flashing lights and loud noises.  Everyone seemed to be having such a good time also (Well not everyone, but most of the people).  No babies though.  I guess this is something I will have to look forward to when I grow-up.

I'm not quite sure what the draw to a Casino is, but it sure seems to bring in the adults.  I got to look out the window of our room and wow!  They just kept coming in their cars passed the time I was put to bed.
I haven't seen this much excitement from adults since we saw the grown-ups showing up a the Apple Store for the new iPad.  But there seemed to be even more excitement here.  There was a line for the iPad but people were not packing into buses and campers to get to the Apple Store.
I can't wait till I can grow-up and play in a Casino.  It seems so exciting!

All in!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

My First Wedding

My Dad's cousin, Ivan got married to his beautiful bride Samantha this weekend.  Very exciting for a little baby like myself who has never been to a wedding before.  Apparently getting married is the respectable first step in creating a baby like myself.  I even got to see my second cousin but he/she will not be arriving till September.

Mom dressed me up and it was a little hectic but all and all I appreciated looking dapper.  Especially since I was meeting so many new people.  
Still pretty fascinated with the whole "Beer" concept.  The Chuckanut Brewery was there and the adults were all lining up.  As usual I was allowed to touch but not drink.  They wouldn't even put one into a Sippy Cup for me to try.
Also there were Tacos.  Another thing adults seem to love but I've been denied.  I don't think I'd have even been allowed one if Mom had ground it up.
During the ceremony I weighed in on how much I approved of Ivan and Samantha getting married which resulted in Mom or Dad putting a finger in my mouth to quiet me.  Come on, I wasn't objecting!  I was just cheering them on.

Congratulations Ivan and Samantha.


Friday, May 20, 2011

End of the Word

According to Harold Camping the world is ending tomorrow.  This is somewhat concerning to me since even though I am a Christian Baby, Dad didn't get off his butt and find a church to get me christened at in time.  Now the world is going to end and I haven't gotten all of my "I"s dotted and "T"s crossed.  I'm sure if the Rapture occurs tomorrow I will be safe in God's eyes because of my status as a baby who can't make true distinction about faith . . . but still I want to be totally safe.

I hope this guy is just a crank.



I am going to a wedding tomorrow and it will be in Ferndale.  Very far away for a little baby like myself.  It should be a very exciting journey.  It is the furthest I have been from home.  I will get to see all my relatives as well as my second cousin who is not yet born.  So I would still probably qualify myself as the youngest in my family.

It will be a long drive and when I get there I will still need diapers, food even changes of clothes.  Not to worry.  Dad is an Eagle Scout and Mom was in the army.  Mommy was on Daddy about be extra prepared and I am glad.  When the rubber meets the road and I need milk and some ground mango Daddy will be happy for Mom's attention to detail.

Always Be Prepared.


Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My First Word and It Is . . .

What can I say.  "Dada" was really easy to say.  After a couple days in a row it just started rolling off my tongue.  I hope Mom didn't feel that disappointed.  Maybe that is why she hugged me so tight.  I was definitely being held a little more tightly tonight.

Ahh, I love you Mommy!  I can't wait to snuggle with you tonight!  You are still more comforting then "Dada".  Also a way better food source. : )

I remember you were my best friend from the very beginning!

Thinking of Mommy.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I'm Mad At You Arnold!

Apparently the famous actor and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger got caught in an "affair".  Mom and Dad weren't very forthcoming in explaining an "affair" to me but how bad could it be if it produced a baby like me?
Regardless, Mommy was mad at him and said it showed "bad character" and he was a "cad".  Well, if Mommy is mad at him then so am I! : (

I stole Mommy's cell phone and tried calling Arnold to tell him how mad and disappointed I was in him but sadly I don't have the dexterity to dial numbers.  Out of frustration I ended up just chewing on it.

I'll give you a piece of my mind later Arnold.  I'll never accept you at my Kindergarten even if you are secretly a Cop!  You are a bad example for little boys.


Monday, May 16, 2011


We went to Grandma and Grandpas tonight.  Very exciting.  First of all I got unconditional attention from all who were in attendance.  But the most exciting part was that Dad built a FIRE!  Wow!  It generated heat but was also radiant and colorful.   I was transfixed!  I even rolled myself over so I could look at it directly.

Perhaps in the near future I can make fires by myself!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Frog and Toad - The Ultimate Buddies

In an attempt to get me to settle down, Dad read Frog and Toad to me again. These guys are like the perfect pair of buddies ever.
Frog is cheerful and adventurous.  Toad is reserved and concerned.  Frog cheers toad up.  Toad is thoughtful in taking care of Frog.  They each do nice things for each other like rake the leaves off of each others lawns, eat ice cream together and have each other over for Christmas.

There are other buddies I have gotten to know through TV.  Bert and Ernie (Who have a very tumultuous relationship), Frodo and Sam (Which ended after Frodo got on a boat), Wayne and Garth, Matt and Ben etc. etc..  None of them seem to have the harmony of Frog and Toad though.

I am going to use Frog and Toad as the barometer for my BFF in the future.  Dad already calls me a Frog so I guess I am waiting for my Toad.

I can't wait till I can have a best friend.


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shopping - Horrible Experience

We went to Alderwood Mall today to go shopping.  I'm a boy AND a baby so of course I wasn't going to have a fun time.  Way too much stroller time and lots of jostling around when they squeezed me into about a hundred clothes at Janie and Jack.  Like I care how I look at the wedding I'm going to next week.  At best the pictures they take of me in my cute clothes will only have relevance to me twenty years from now when I show my girlfriend what a cute baby I was.  Of course that is about a hundred in baby years.

Some low points.

The one shirt I actually liked and tried to tear off the rack Mom wouldn't buy me.  She even pulled it out of my clutches when I got too demanding.

Then Dad got me my first baseball hat.  What the heck! I love the hats Mimi makes me but this thing drove my little brain nuts.  The bill stuck out and teased me the way a dangling carrots does to a horse.  I tried to take it off but Dad forced it back on me.

I guarantee a full blown temper tantrum next shopping trip.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Gonna Sell My Baby Pictures

So apparently Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon are being harassed by the paparazzi for pictures of their twins.  They even tell stories of Mariah using drugs and drinking so they can sneak in via social workers!

Why no paparazzi for me?!!?

Granted my Dad didn't have an acting part in Drumline but every once in awhile my Dad sells an insurance policy.  My pictures have got to be worth something on the open market.

For those who want to donate to the Jaxon education fund just e-mail me your credit card number. ; ) You would trust a baby wouldn't you?


Hold Your Cards Close

I had a lot on my mind during the walk in my stroller.  Dad tried to break my concentration by grinning and goofing off but I had deeper thoughts.  No way was I going to tell him even if I could speak adult.  It is important not to articulate your next move unless it is a necessity (Food, diaper change).

Playing it coy tonight.


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

But It's My Cream Puff Auntie!

I love my Auntie Ashley.  But when she got a cream puff with her Pho and only gave me a little lick it drove me nuts.  I grabbed her arm and tried to pull it back to my mouth but failed.   If you introduce something like a Cream Puff and not let me finish I'm going to get physical.  Just like remote wrestling with Mommy I will at least try to take it even if I'm doomed to failure.

I would do anything to eat the rest of that thing!

When I'm a grown-up forget even bothering to order Pho.  I'll just order a bowl of cream puffs!