Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bees=A Road Trip

Mommy and Daddy had a fun day planned in the back yard today.  I was going to get my first kiddy pool and I was going to splash and play all day! Unfortunately, there was a storm brewing across the street.  Lots and lots of bees.  Where they came from I don't know, but Mommy and Daddy decided we needed to enjoy the day somewhere else.  : (

Well, we decided to drive to Granite Falls, Mommy's hometown.  We went to visit Grandma June, Great Grandma Mimi and my cousin Jasmine!
There were a few things I wasn't that wild about.  Daddy put me next to this baby who was very rude and didn't want to talk at all.  I'm not used to that so I gave him a piece of my mind!
But then it was back to Everybody paying attention to me again.  Jasmine even gave me a demonstration of her riding her new bike.  God I can't wait to get my first tricycle!

I'm a little boy trapped in a baby's body at this point in time.


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