Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green Eggs and Ham . . . Good Fiction

When I find a book I stick with it. I mean why bother trying something new if you already know what you like. Thus, it is ironic that my favorite book that I demand Mommy read again and again and again is a life lesson book by Dr. Seuss that preaches trying new things.
There is a reason that "Green Eggs and Ham" is considered fiction. If you find something you like just repeat it. Be it a book you like having read to you or waffles and (Non green) pineapples for breakfast.
Why complicate your life? -Jaxon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I certainly appreciate my time with my friend Bailey on Wednesdays. I really enjoy sharing things with her with the exception of my Mommy.
Still, that won't stop me from asserting myself when it is necessary. Especially when it comes to who gets their diaper changed first! We both yelled "Me!" "No Me!"
Well, turns out it is the one with the biggest poop. It was me! Respect your place in line Bailey! -Jaxon

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Not Very Lazy Day With Daddy

Auntie Ashley was a little under the weather today so I was taken to work with Daddy. Perhaps Daddy was going to teach me how to be a Superhero. Perhaps he would teach me his "Insurance" powers. Well he didn't, but he did put me to work!
Like Mike Mulligan I drove a Steam Shovel. I didn't go as deep as Mary Anne in the book but it was still good fun.
Sometimes you have to try different things before you find your true calling. It is best that I start early. Being an Insurance Super Hero like Daddy when I grow-up could work but I could wrap my head around being a Mike Mulligan. -Jaxon

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Lazy Day With Mommy

I sure do love my Mondays with Mommy. Of course I am told that someday I will despise them because it is the end of the weekend . . . but at this point in my life everyday is a weekend. And what do you do on a weekend? The same thing Daddy does, sit back and drink a bottle.
Mommy was pretty busy with laundry. Usually I try to help but today I didn't lift a finger.
Hey, sometimes you need a break from growing-up. -Jaxon

Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Sassy Boy All Day Long!

I didn't really misbehave today. I was fairly naughty though. I tried to use my limited vocabulary as much as I could to talk back.
First I patted my naked body and asked "Why" I wasn't dressed. Daddy tried to dress me and I said "No" and insisted that Mommy dress me but I made the effort as difficult as possible. After that I threw my breakfast and gave Daddy a big grin while pointing at him and laughing.
Nothing like grabbing his sunglasses and putting them on upside down. I wouldn't say I was a bad boy today. Just a little sassy. -Jaxon

Friday, August 24, 2012

Sometimes You Need Some Extra Friends

I'm not going to discount the importance of Mommy and Daddy . . . but sometimes you need a little extra security in your life. Hey, life can be scary and you need all the friends you can get. Especially when you wake-up in the middle of the night! Alone! In the Dark! And Wet!
There is nothing like wrapping yourself in a circle of security.
So thankful for Chica, Minion, Teddy Bear, T-Rex and Zebra. They are always there for me when times are tough! -Jaxon

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happy 42nd!

Papo and Deeda took care of me today. Today was their 42nd wedding anniversary. That is nearly forty more years compared to Mommy and Daddy's three years of marriage. It is also nearly over fifty years of them knowing each other.
They let me celebrate with them during the day but it was really more about me. They didn't even push me to have a nap! Later they left me with Mommy and Daddy so they could have a bottle of wine. That was a little late for me to tag along and where they were headed was a little too quiet for a toddler Cheers! -Jaxon

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Curse You Morgan Spurlock

I had a pretty intense day. I had a Zoo trip followed by a trip to Ravenna park with Daddy. A day like this calls for some serious refueling at McDonald's. Sadly, eight years before I was born a movie came out that shamed McDonald's to stop super sizing fries. : ( Hey Morgan, if a Man (Or Toddler) wants to super size his fries you shouldn't be standing in the way!
So, the portion was totally inadequate for the stroller ride home.
I ate every one of those fries. Even the greasy little crumbs.
Out of frustration I started eating my stroller after that! Was a stupid documentary worth depriving Toddlers of super sizing their meals for generation. Was it Morgan! Was it! -Jaxon

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taking Care of Chica

Sean and Kelly from the Sunshine Barn would be happy to know that I am taking good care of Chica. I sure hope they won't come to take her back to the Sunny Side Up Show anytime soon!
I realize that Chica is young like me and needs lots of nutritious food.
I just made sure there wasn't any poultry in the fridge first. I didn't want to offend my friend. -Jaxon

Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy Protection

I may be a little tall for my age but I am no match for a burly ten year old. And a whole pack of them invaded the play field today. Some of them treated me the way I should be treated, as a precious and irresistibly cute toddler, but two of the boys were not as respectful. They nearly knocked me off the play equipment! Good thing Mommy was there to give them a piece of her mind!
And after that they told her I should be sent to the sandbox! Oh that really got them chewed-out! Needless to say, I preserved my position on the play equipment! Nice to know Mommy has my back! -Jaxon

Sunday, August 19, 2012

CrossFit Toddler at Montlake

When I was first born my Daddy started doing CrossFit because he thought he was getting flabby. Well, within a month all the aches and pains added up, so he stopped.
I will just have to pick-up where Daddy left off. Before we started I fueled-up at McDonald's, but the only weight that I was going to gain was pure muscle mass!
After that I hit the workout. Just like adult CrossFit I only had a half hour before nap time so I needed to maximize my workout. All muscle groups needed to be used.
It was a high intensity workout but I was feeling great afterwards! Feel the burn!
I noticed that I was the only Toddler at the workout course today . . . they were all probably at home watching TV and eating junk food.
Next year I will be hoisting kettlebells!
Beefcake! -Jaxon

Friday, August 17, 2012

Even A Superhero Needs to Play "Golf"

On a normal day my Daddy goes to his headquarters Downtown where he Protects people with his secret Insurance powers. Well, turns out he needed to play "Golf" today.
I'm not sure about the details of this game but I sure appreciated the two balls he brought back to give me!
Well Mommy didn't. Turns out you can only throw them on the hardwood floor so many times before they get indefinitely taken away. Oh well, maybe someday we can go to the course and put these balls to real use. Four! Jaxon

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Carpentry With Papo

There is a reason I literally pushed Mommy and Daddy out the door today. When Papo and Deeda are taking care of me it is pure spoiling. I'm learning some important skills though.
If Daddy ever has problems with his deck in the future I now have the skills to make things right!
One of the reasons I am becoming such a good carpenter is that Papo lets me participate. I just can't picture my Daddy ever letting me handle real nails!
Or use a hammer! Papo's wisdom . . . you don't need expensive tools just a Vaughan 20 oz to get the job done!
Since I have proved myself, maybe next time Papo will let me use some power tools! -Jaxon

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go Felix!

Hey Felix Hernandez, congratulations on that perfect game you pitched for the Seattle Mariners today.
I'd hate to see the Seattle fans lose faith in the Mariners and have us lose another professional team before I made it to my first game at Safeco Field.
You've inspired me to learn how to throw a baseball someday but first I have to master using the potty on my own. Baby Steps! -Jaxon

She is NOT Your Mommy Bailey!

I sure have fun when I get to play with Bailey. Whenever we hang out we do all sorts of fun things. Be it the Zoo or Science Center it is always a treat. Well almost always a treat . . . today she referred to my Mommy as "Mom". Well, I just had to defend what is mine. Just because we are friends doesn't mean we share everything Bailey. I clung to Mommy and growled to show my ownership.
After my display we were all smiles again. Hey, a good friendship is all about setting boundaries. -Jaxon

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommy Takes Care of Me, I Take Care of Minion

Things were a little rough tonight. Don't ask we why, I'm just a Toddler. Sometimes the world gets a little off balance and I need to be consoled.
I was soooo relieved that I felt Minion needed to be relieved also. So as long as Mommy was squeezing me I squeezed him.
I am thinking that I am giving him way more love compared to Gru (Who doesn't seem very snugly).
Sharing the Love! -Jaxon

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Play Date . . . With Daddy!

Daddy has never done a Play Date with me. Usually, his friends come over and they retreat to the backyard and drink bottles. Well, this weekend that all changed. His friend Jeremy has some boys my age and we really tore it up at Golden Gardens.
First we fueled-up with Blue Angel shaped Cookies at Larsen's Bakery. That was fitting since afterwards we were ready to fly!
And I thought I could throw rocks. They don't call this guy "the Dominator" for nothing. He could throw rocks like Randy Johnson threw baseballs in his prime. Ironman!
Of course it wouldn't be a Guys Play Date without bending a few rules. I did some swimming in the sand and Daddy really didn't do much. "Boys will be Boys" was the theme of the day.
Before we left we ceremoniously exchanged rocks . . . a ritual I do with all of my new friends! -Jaxon

Friday, August 10, 2012

Creating some Boundaries for Mommy

I sure do love Mommy! I always have so much fun with her during the week. Problem is that she is a working Gal. Now I don't mind spending those days with Aunt Ashley and Erica but sometimes I just miss Mommy.
So Mommy, if I hide your shoes how can you go to work???? A shoeless Mommy in the office would be a scandal.
Unfortunately, I wasn't very subtle when I hid them under the bed, though there is still one that is unaccounted for. Not saying that Mommy can't have a career . . . just on my terms! -Jaxon

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Standing My Ground With A Two Letter Word!

Sadly, because of my small stature there is only so much I can assert myself. Mommy and Daddy ultimately can always overpower me physically. That doesn't mean I still can't stand my ground with a single two letter word though. No! It is so easy to say and at least allows me to make a stand. Do you want to go to bed Jaxon? No! Do you want to get in the bath Jaxon? No! Don't climb on the furniture Jaxon. No!
Ultimately, I will probably lose most of the battles I have with my parents but telling them "No" gives me the dignity of asserting myself. Defiance! -Jaxon

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sometimes it is Best to Not Say A Word

Mommy looked at her cell phone bill today. Apparently it is a little high this month.
Sometimes it is best just to keep your mouth shut and look cute.
I'm not saying I was calling my friend Ben to catch up and learn about his new brother Owen in Chicago. I'm just saying that I will be quiet about the matter until this all blows over.
Apparently even catching-up with friends isn't free. -Jaxon

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

At Least Somebody Agreed to Eat the Seaweed

As an experiment Mommy bought Roasted Seaweed Snacks at Trader Joe's. Hey, they were under a dollar so it was worth a try.
Well . . . I wasn't really sold. I am defining my tastes and unfortunately Seaweed isn't going to be part of it. I was a good boy and gave it a try but it just wouldn't take.
Thankfully, I was able to feed it to my Daddy. I think it made him nostalgic for Sushi. -Jaxon