Friday, July 22, 2011

Justin and Jeremy - You Are Going To Be Served

Way cool. Mommy was teaching me how to dance today.  She held my hands to balance and I grooved to Metro Station's "Shake It" and Pink's "Raise Your Glass".  It was great as I shook my little booty and was the center of attention.

But then Mommy's friend Bobby sent her a clip of Justin and Jeremy dancing to "Hey Ya".  What the?!?  Mommy's attention was diverted for way, way too long.

Yeah they can dance and sing but there are two of them, they are toddlers and they even have their sister as a back-up dancer!  I dance as well as them and I am just a baby, and an only child as well!

I did my best to pull the Powerbook away from Mommy but didn't have the strength.
I even tried doing my own dance routine but Mommy's attention couldn't be diverted.  

I'm mad at YouTube.  For so long it was a source of funny Elmo clips but now it brings other children into the house to compete for my attention.

I think my only recourse is to challenge Justin and Jeremy to a dance-off.

You two have been served!

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