Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party at The RAM!

The date is July 27th.  Four  years ago Mommy and Daddy had their first date at the RAM Restaurant.  The stage was set for me to be born.  Personally though,  I don't care where I came from, just where I am going.

The RAM is in the University Village which was having an outdoor concert today.  Very fascinating.  Of course I would expect there to be a party to commemorate the meeting of the two people who would create Jaxon!

Inside I made sure that I was the center of attention.  I previewed the children's menu for what I would eat a year from now.  
Afterwards that I chewed on it and grabbed the waitress.  Daddy told me that when I am 21 and in the lounge section that would be inappropriate.  Whatever you say Daddy. : )
Best of all after it was all over we bumped into Justin and Nancy.  Even more squeezing!  It might be Mommy and Daddy's date anniversary but the night belongs to Jaxon!

Party On!


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  1. How great is that you got join your Mom and Dad on their first date anniversary night out! You'll be eating off of that big kids menu in no time, Gorgeous Eyes. In that photo, we look (and were) insanely excited to see you. Love you! - Justin and Nunzia