Saturday, July 16, 2011

Visiting Granite Falls and Mimi!

My Great Grandmother Mimi closed on her house this week (I was at the signing just so you know).  It was very exciting.  It is really big and the great thing was that again I was the center of attention.

The floors are huge!  I got a chance to show off my newly developed crawling abilities.
And then I got some quality time with Benny.  He's quite a lot like me.  He walks on all fours, gets to know people with his tongue and that this time he is a little bit more potty trained then I am.
Best of all we got to go to Omega Pizza and Pasta to grab a grinder for Daddy and some pasta for Mommy.  Well, I won't be having any but I have a feeling I know what place I will be demanding Mommy and Daddy take me whenever we visit the Grandparents!

Looking forward to being a little boy soon!


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