Monday, July 25, 2016

Bar Fly!

I've never really been to a BAR before but last weekend I had my first experience.  Well, full legal disclosure I didn't enter the roped off area, I stayed within the legal parameters.  Still, I feel like I got the full experience.  It was my Aunt Ashley's last night working there so we decided to celebrate.
First things first, get lubricated.  Nothing makes inhibition disappear in a five year old like a double root beer float.
Follow that with some guy time.  Nothing like a UFC fight on the TV to bond with the men in my family.  Especially hanging out with my Uncle Andrew and hearing that he still owned some LEGOS, very curious.

But then the REAL fun started when the house band started playing "Sweet Home Alabama."
Honestly I think I was dancing through the entire set of cover songs from the 70s and 80s.  Someone was going to sleep like a log tonight.
When they finished to one of Daddy's favorite songs,
Cheap Trick's "Surrender" and I wasn't even tired I could almost see a tear in his eye, he was so proud his son appreciated his favorite music genres.

I'm thinking I like these bars!


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Election Season!

I am quite the Seattle boy so I don't see a lot of Trump supporters so I was a little wary when I watched the Republican Convention tonight.  Still, Daddy said I should be exposed to different perspectives.
I'm not sure I understand the tag line of MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, seems like the America that my Daddy grew-up in wasn't as "Great" as it is now, there were no Angry Birds, no iPads, only five TV channels with a maximum of maybe five hours of cartoons a week.  I didn't know if I wanted him rewinding the clock . . . but all of a sudden there SHE was.
I didn't know SHE was going to introduce him.  As you know, this boy falls under the spell of blonds very easily.
I'll have to remember that Ivanka isn't the one running for president, but if she will be around more I might be happy to go back to a world without iPads!