Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Depravity!

Mommy and Daddy thought it would be fun to watch a Christmas movie from when they were my age tonight but to me it was pure emotional pain.  They generally watch a steady diet of Hallmark Hall of Fame Christmas but tonight Daddy insisted we watch "A Christmas Story", I didn't know families could have so much dysfunction during Christmas!

It was truly horrific to watch. I didn't know life could be filled with so much emotional turmoil, families being torn apart because a lamp is delivered, child abuse through soap, depraved sadistic sociopaths, violence, depraved anti-social behavior caused by peer-pressure.  Oh don't forget a duck's head is eventually cut-off!


I just didn't know there was just so much PAIN in the world.
It was all way too much for me to handle so I chose to deal with it by turning my back, covering my ears and yelling.  
Too much to deal with!

This wasn't supposed to be what Christmas was all about!!!!


Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Pokemon Go!

I have found many things in life to be passionate about over my last six years such as Transformers, Dinosaurs and Legos but over the last couple of months I have found a passion that has so overwhelmed my life that I don't even have time to Blog.

My new passion involves scouring the greater Seattle area be it a restaurant, a copy center or a vacant lot for places where Pikachus, Squirtles and Charmanders spawn.
The sad part is that I have pretty much dominated the territory in my neighborhood and need to search out more fertile territory.  Because I am an ambitious Poke hunter this can mean I go out at anytime of day or night as well as any weather condition.  Just about anywhere could be a Pokemon Gym and if a battle starts I am determined it will be a fight to the finish even if my Daddy is shivering and just wants to keep on walking.
I also believe that the best hunting territory probably is in places others don't necessarily look.
Turns out the guys who run the liquor store know a lot about Pokemon also.  They were so nice but Daddy didn't think it was appropriate for us to hang out there all night.  Hey, if I can find a Pokemon Gym I'm going to take advantage.