Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soldier Baby, I Declare War On Sleep!

Because I threw up today Mommy put me in the camouflage that Grandpa Art gave me.

Man did I feel tough!

With my new forward crawling power I felt like a true soldier.  What can you say. "Be All You Can Be!".
Actually, the Army recruiting slogan that probably fit me best tonight was " An Army of One!".

I declared an all out war on sleep.  My intense training over the last couple months paid off.  First, Daddy went down and then Mommy.  They passed me back and forth trying to ware me out but it was no use.  I won.  Mom and Dad had to sue for peace in the end.  Maybe not a true unconditional surrender from my parents but the net result was a lot more milk and snuggling from Mommy.
I did go to sleep eventually.  But on my terms.  Victory was mine!


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