Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Birthday Party!

Mommy and Daddy had a Birthday Party for me this weekend.  Wow!  The concept of "Time" is still a bit vague to me but apparently a Birthday occurs after you've been around for a year.
I'd already been to my friend Addyson and Nora's so I figured it was only fitting that I had one also.
Not saying I minded the attention.  I mean there were all sorts of exciting people and children.  Also, unrestrained access to a cake, balloons . . . and presents!
Of course after I finished unwrapping my second present I completely broke-down.  Hey, I may be a One Year Old now but I'm still basically a baby.  I have my limits.  Most of my little friends were worn-out and had gone before I got to the present stage anyway. 

I ended the party crying.  

Still a good party though.

Enjoying the big 0-1!

Here are some more pictures Mommy took.


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