Monday, December 31, 2012

New Years Resolutions!

The New Year has started! It is definitely time for some serious resolutions. 2013 will be the year that I really turn my life around!
1. No more implying about what I want. This year I will actually have developed my vocabulary so I can tell Mommy and Daddy exactly what my needs are, no Beating Around the Bush. 2. These Diapers have got to go! This wrestling with Daddy changing my diaper has gotten to be too much. It is time that I am treated as a true equal. Before the year is up I will be going to the bathroom on my own. 3. I want a Pet! Enough of these stuffed animals that Mommy and Daddy give me! I've been showing that I am capable of taking care of a real animal all year. Hook me up with a Gold Fish or a Lizard! I am up to the challenge!
Time to Get With the Program! I have shown that I have the ability so give me the responsibility I deserve Mommy and Daddy! -Jaxon

Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's All About the "Jacksons" Baby!

The last time we went to Bainbridge, Daddy made the mistake of thinking his Debit card would be suitable. It really wasn't. On the Island they generally just deal is cash so this time Daddy made sure to make a hefty withdrawal from the bank.
Sometimes being prepared with actual cash is a good thing. Since I am way to young to legally have a job I figured I should pack away a few "Jacksons" just as a precaution.
You never know when you will need cold hard cash. I'm just not taking any chances. I was pocketing Daddy's debit and credit card for safe keeping also but sometimes you might be in a place where there are no ATMs. -Jaxon

Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Land of Cousins

Visiting Bellingham always fascinates me. It seems to be inhabited by people who look almost all like my Papo and my Daddy! It is a magical world of Cousins and Uncles. They are all tall with gigantic heads just like Papo and Daddy.
It looks like there is a growing new generation of tall men with gigantic heads also. Last year it was just Ben and Me but this year we welcomed Calvin.
The next generation is looking good. I'm all about having more of these cousins. They make good playmates and don't suck attention away like a brother or sister. -Jaxon

Friday, December 28, 2012

A Christmas Break

Sorry fans, I had to take a break. Hey! Even a Toddler with huge reserves of energy needs to take some time off. Besides I had a new Brio Train to play with! We decided to go to my old stomping grounds, the Seattle Aquarium. It was actually the first time Daddy had come with me since I could learn to walk.
Great fun trying out a new role as an Octopus but I thought Daddy was a little reckless getting me so close to the Shark.
To me this goes way past "Thrill Seeking" and borders on Recklessness. But when we left, boy was I in for a treat!
Three turns on the Seattle Ferris Wheel on Pier 57! Word to Daddy, more Ferris Wheels, fewer close encounters with Sharks! -Jaxon

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Taking Partying to the Next Level!

Oh My! I knew I could party but I didn't think that it would take me past 9:00!
Christmas Ships and Christmas Carols starting at 8:45. This was not my usual schedule.
Was I excited? Yes! Was it all a little over the top for me, especially since I was the youngest person at the event? You bet! Still, it was a lot of fun! I will sleep late tomorrow. This is not the tight schedule Mommy usually keeps me on. -Jaxon

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Who Is Laughing Now Mayan Calendar!

Well nice to know that Mayan Calendar was a sham! I was a little bit nervous though. I am a Toddler after all. It is a lot harder for me to differentiate between reality and myth. Since we are all still around I might as well continue having fun! Time for another party! We got on the ferry and headed to my friend Ian's birthday party. What a magical land Bainbridge Island can be.
Oh the party that I went to was so fun! I was serenaded and was allowed to run wild with my friends!
Best of all, I was not required to clean-up. When the fun was over we just got in the car! I knew this type of behavior would never have flown at home so I took advantage! Hey, when you avoid the End of the World you have a new appreciation for life. -Jaxon

Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Party! Time to get a little Rowdy!

My Pre-Pre School had an end of the year Christmas Party! It was definitely time to let my hair down and tie one on!
And party we did. I got off to a wild start when Daddy tripped on some ice coming into the school and had to break my fall with his body. It left we a little shaken coming in but after a hearty meal and a stiff drink of boxed juice I was back in partying shape!
It was so much fun playing with my friends for one more time in 2012! Nothing says Over the Top Party like a bunch of toddlers in a parachute or having a dialogue with a chicken!
The day ended with most of us crying. Hey, I know this happens to us just about every Friday but this week it was especially emotional! -Jaxon

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Candy Cane Lane Letdown!

Mommy and Daddy took me to see Candy Cane Lane tonight. I was a little tired and cranky but seeing all the lights made me really happy again.
Oh it was wonderful! Gigantic Santas, Frosties and a Grinch! Sweet. It was as if I was taking part in a real life TV Christmas Special! I even had a conversation with a glowing Polar Bear.
And what would have completed the night better than to have taken a gigantic glowing candy cane home to suck on all night?
I was denied! All the frustration that I had forgotten about when we started down The Lane just flowed back! Oh was I ever mad!
I think I at least deserved a souvenir! -Jaxon

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Renting A Car!

I wish the family Jeep would breakdown everyday! Daddy skips work to play with me and we get a new set of wheels for a couple days! Very exciting. Only problem was that because of the rain and since we only had one car, Daddy and I were cooped up in the house all day.
By the time we got to Enterprise I was really ready to blow off some steam. While Daddy was jumping through the hoops I ran and yelled! By the time we were done I was exhausted! And with all that hassle we didn't go home with a Porsche or the Audi I was talking about during the drive over. Very disappointed! Laying down in the middle of the floor was more of a protest! -Jaxon

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Building My Dream House

As much as I love living with Mommy and Daddy I think it is time for me to get my own residence. Being a builder is in my blood. It was only a matter of time before I decided to build my own Dream Home!
Well, I did a pretty good job building a house but I forgot to put in a garage for my Audi!
Perhaps I should think of these things before I start building. Next time I will hire an Architect! -Jaxon

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Magic

Daddy showed off some of his secret magic powers tonight.
Daddy created perpetual motion with fire. That windmill just kept on going forever with no one pushing it! It was mesmerizing.
Who needs a bedtime story when you can watch something like this! Granted Daddy put the propellers on the wrong way so it looked like the people in the manger scene were moving backward but I suppose even with magic powers a person isn't perfect. I gave him a pass. -Jaxon

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Visiting Santa Round 3

This year is the third year I have gotten to visit Santa. The first year I was a little blob who sat on Santa's lap like a bump on a log but the second year I was a little more spirited. Since I have grown more confident this year I was totally excited to meet the Jolly Old Elf! Thankfully Papo was able to give me a glimpse while waiting.
But the line took too long. By the end I was trying to knock the gate down because they weren't speeding things along!
But when I finally got in it was pure magic. I sat in a dignified manner as Santa asked me what I wanted for Christmas and enjoyed a tasty candy cane. For 2012 I was picture perfect!
So much has changed. I don't know what came over me last year. But what can you say, I can be a bit of a diva sometimes. I think it had a lot to do with not getting a candy cane.
The most important thing is to keep the talent happy. Someone must have dropped the ball in 2011.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Very Confused, Very Sad

I didn't understand what they were talking about on the TV today but I am very sad about it regardless.
Prayers for the Innocence Lost in Newtown Today. -Jaxon

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Underwater Santa???

It seems like my babysitters have an "in" with Santa. First I got to see the North Pole and today I got to see the Man himself.
It turns out he dives. I think this has a lot of practical application. There are some remote islands out there that are too small for a sleigh to land on.
There were some scurrilous rumors that the man in the tank was actually KING 5 Weatherman Jeff Renner but I didn't buy it. I've never seen a beard on that guy. Why do people always say that Santa is someone else? Very confusing. -Jaxon

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Visiting the North Pole

Aunt Ashley and Cameron took me on a trip to Zoo Lights. At least that is what they called it. Actually it was far more exciting. I think they really took me to the North Pole. I think Auntie has a connection to Santa Clause that she hasn't told my parents about.
Sometimes it is best not to tell the adults. They just don't understand.
It was great! I even got to see where the Reindeer were housed. I begged and begged for a chance to take the Reindeer out for a test drive but was denied. Oh well, I still had fun. -Jaxon

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Escalator Action

Oh did I have a fun time at the University Village tonight! Now that I am not shackled by a stroller I can appreciate some of the finer things in life such as the Escalator!
Oh that thing was wonderful. I respected Daddy enough to hold his hand during the entire experience. I was just too excited to be difficult.
Now, I didn't just go up the thing once or twice. I literally forgot how many times I went up that thing! I just kept running back to the thing. I couldn't be held back! -Jaxon

Friday, December 7, 2012

Skipping A Generation

Papo designs and builds houses for a living but Daddy didn't follow in his footsteps. I got to go to a job site with Papo and Deeda and I definitely found my calling.
I think I might even be an improvement on my Papo. I got my building up even faster than he did using some advanced design techniques.
Someday I will build the tallest building in the world . . . with paint cans!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This Advent Calendar Goes Way Too Slow!

I got a giant Advent Calendar to count the days before Christmas. Each day comes with a piece of tasty candy.
The problem is that I only get one a day. How unfair! I should he allowed to open as many doors as I want to. Sadly, each day I try to open an extra door and it turns into a battle. This is hardly keeping with the spirit of Christmas. I thought this season was about celebrating abundance not rationing. Especially when I felt obliged to break into it today. A little confused by the rational of my parents. -Jaxon

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Bonding Over Salsa

Daddy and I had a lot of fun tonight. Mommy made some Salsa and we went to town!
We certainly have one thing in common. We both like eating lots of chips and salsa and ruining our appetite for dinner. Later on that night we had a disagreement about putting on pajamas. I will not be dressed on command Daddy!
What can you say. I figure we have a typical Father and Son relationship. He have things we like to do together but we also butt heads! If you wanted someone who would worship you unconditionally you should have had a daughter Daddy. What did you expect! -Jaxon

Monday, December 3, 2012

A Very Long Time Out

I got into a bit of trouble tonight. The bulbs on the Christmas Tree were beautiful. They kind of remind me of Easter Eggs. Like Easter Eggs the most beautiful part isn't necessarily what is on the outside. Could the Christmas Bulbs have a piece of chocolate inside of them??? Well the only way to find out is to smash one! I reached up real, real high to reach one that I could break.
Unfortunately the one I decided to open was the one that commemorated 2007, the first Christmas that Mommy and Daddy were together.
Oh my, I never had such a Time Out before. -Jaxon

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dealing With A MEAN Daddy!

I had a horrible dream last night. It involved Daddy being really mean to me. I had to curl into Mommy all night and scream at her to send Daddy downstairs! Well she didn't. But when Daddy came downstairs today I was too traumatized. He was such a bad Daddy in my dream that I just needed a break from him so I did my best to push him back upstairs. Yelling Push! Push!
Well if pushing didn't work I could at least pull him!
Unfortunately, Daddy was the only one who got any sleep last night so he was well rested and energized. Someday I will be able to take you on Daddy! -Jaxon