Sunday, July 31, 2011

Safety is Everyone's Business!

Definitely need to make sure the house is protected.  I had been yelling at Mommy and Daddy to improve the defenses of our house for a along time but finally I convinced Papo to bring his building expertise.  

He put Daddy to work.  I am a much safer baby now that all the doors our deadlocked.  

It's nice to know that when Daddy doesn't get things in gear I can always talk to Lulu and Papo to get 
things done.  We talked over some other home improvement ideas over dinner.

Remember, Everybody is a Safety Officer!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bees=A Road Trip

Mommy and Daddy had a fun day planned in the back yard today.  I was going to get my first kiddy pool and I was going to splash and play all day! Unfortunately, there was a storm brewing across the street.  Lots and lots of bees.  Where they came from I don't know, but Mommy and Daddy decided we needed to enjoy the day somewhere else.  : (

Well, we decided to drive to Granite Falls, Mommy's hometown.  We went to visit Grandma June, Great Grandma Mimi and my cousin Jasmine!
There were a few things I wasn't that wild about.  Daddy put me next to this baby who was very rude and didn't want to talk at all.  I'm not used to that so I gave him a piece of my mind!
But then it was back to Everybody paying attention to me again.  Jasmine even gave me a demonstration of her riding her new bike.  God I can't wait to get my first tricycle!

I'm a little boy trapped in a baby's body at this point in time.


Friday, July 29, 2011

Italian Dinner

I'm not saying I haven't experienced Italian food before.  Mommy and Daddy are not strangers to ordering pizza and one of Mommy's favorite pregnancy foods was pasta, so I have already tasted it in a round about sort of way.

But tonight, I got the full experience.

We went to Cafe Lago for dinner with my parents and my grandparents.  First of all, as usual I was totally catered to even though I wasn't having anything on the menu.

Mommy and Daddy should give me a big piece of dough every dinner.  Still, in the end, I just wanted to play with Papo's key chain.  A year from now I'll go all out with the dough but my little arms aren't strong enough yet. : (

It was a fairly rambunctious night.  In the end Papo (Grandpa) went to bed before I did.  You're getting old buddy.  Remember, we have a lot of years ahead of us where you are going to have to keep up with me!
It takes two generations of adults to hold me back!

Action Jaxon!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

South Park - A Scary Glimpse Into My Future

I caught a bit of "South Park" today.  I was pretty fascinated.  I'm kind of curious as to what my future looks like in a couple years when I become a little boy . . .

Very scary.  The playground seems like a real tough place.  Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Eric (The Worst) were rough.  They talked about things that I didn't understand but since tone of voice means so much to me as a baby I knew they were up to no good.
Eric Cartman was the worst.  The first day of school I'm going to identify the kid most like him and stay as far away as possible.

A little disturbed by my glimpse of what I will have to deal with in the future but it is better to be prepared.


Visiting Seattle

It's great when I visit so I can be a guest writer for Jaxon's blog!  I love visiting down in Seattle.

We teamed up to maximize our time with Grandma.  Hey, what can you say, we are Grand kids.  It's our prerogative.
It was great because Jaxon had all sorts of great ideas about what we could do during the day since he knows the area a little better.  Jaxon had no problem confiding in me and since I was the one who speaks grown-up and baby I was able to communicate his ideas to Grandma on how to spend the day.  We ended up going to Ravenna Park AND the University Village where we went to Johnny Rockets for lunch.  Combined, we really know how to take advantage of a Grandma!

I love guest writing and my little cousin!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party at The RAM!

The date is July 27th.  Four  years ago Mommy and Daddy had their first date at the RAM Restaurant.  The stage was set for me to be born.  Personally though,  I don't care where I came from, just where I am going.

The RAM is in the University Village which was having an outdoor concert today.  Very fascinating.  Of course I would expect there to be a party to commemorate the meeting of the two people who would create Jaxon!

Inside I made sure that I was the center of attention.  I previewed the children's menu for what I would eat a year from now.  
Afterwards that I chewed on it and grabbed the waitress.  Daddy told me that when I am 21 and in the lounge section that would be inappropriate.  Whatever you say Daddy. : )
Best of all after it was all over we bumped into Justin and Nancy.  Even more squeezing!  It might be Mommy and Daddy's date anniversary but the night belongs to Jaxon!

Party On!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Allergies=I Turn Into A Monster

I got my allergy results today from Dr. Tom, very lame!  No Cow's Milk, No Peanuts, No Egg Whites!  It's not like I was eating those things but they were going through Mommy in her milk so she can't have them either.

As you might have guessed I didn't take the news lying down.  It was perfect that I had just received a little Monster hat from Papo's cousin on the East Coast.  It allowed me to burn off some steam.

I am a ferocious beast when I am told "No"!

If I can't have those foods I'm going to eat something exciting!

Perhaps Mommy's Sunset Magazine . . .
. . . or the remote.

Hey, I had a lot of angst.  I wanted to eat something fun now that I have all these new restrictions.

Again, the older I get the more rules.



Monday, July 25, 2011

Battle With The Biscuit!

Mommy decided to challenge me today so she gave me a teething biscuit.
Well, I kind of liked the texture, and the taste was spectacular.  I gnawed and gnawed, unfortunately, I only have two teeth, both at the bottom of my mouth.  There was just no breaking into those things.

In the end, I just ended the biscuit experience by yelling at the stupid thing out of frustration.

Eventually Mommy soothed me with some rice puffs (They naturally dissolve in your mouth).


Still Loving Chicken Soup! Chicken, Chicken, Chicken!

Still loving the Chicken Soup Mommy makes me.  I can just lap it up.

Mommy tried making me some oatmeal this morning, no way!  I don't want it unless it is chicken soup flavored.  Pretty much only really want Chickens in my diet.  Not really feeling the need to branch out these days.
So Much Chicken, So Little Time!


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Enter the Garden Hose!

Today was a very warm day.  Probably at least in the 80s.  Finally, I'm starting to experience my first Summer!

But what is a little baby like myself supposed to do when it is hot out????

Problem solved.  Enter the garden hose!

Wow, I expect next summer that Mommy and Daddy will take me to a pool but this worked for now.

Splash me again and again Mommy, I love it!  More!  I was quivering with excitement.  This was like taking a shower with Mommy squared.

God I love Summer!  And to think this is my first.


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Across Puget Sound to a Magical Land!

Mommy and Daddy woke me up today and told me we were going on an adventure . . . and at the end would be a birthday party in the far off world of Bainbridge Island.

I wasn't that wild about the ferry system.  We missed the 12:20 and had to wait for the 1:10 which was also late, my patience was tested.  But once it started going. Wow.  Wind in my hair and lots of other little babies having their pictures taken also!  But the fun had just begun.

Bainbridge Island is a magical place.  We arrived at Corbin's birthday and there were lots of children of all sizes running around, there were balloons, big colorful presents and a giant cake shaped like my favorite monkey Curious George.  Corbin came out and gave me a big kiss while Mommy was changing me in the grass.
But then came the fun with the other babies.  And there were many of them.  Corbin's little brother Ian, Eric and I made great little playmates.  We had a little trouble sharing the two balls between the three of us but we managed.
And there was cake!  After months of being denied this treat Mommy gave me some bites of Curious George's face.  She didn't give me much but it was enough to get my little taste buds craving more cake

So many experiences in this magical land of Bainbridge Island.  Every time I look across Puget Sound I will dream of this magical place.

Unfortunately,  Mommy and Daddy whisked me away so we could catch the 4:30 ferry. : (

I will find away to return someday!


Friday, July 22, 2011

I Love the Ladies!

I was so mad at Justin and Jeremy stealing my thunder that I forgot to tell you what a fun day I had.

Mommy got together with her friend Severine today and brought Emilie!  She is over a year older then me, can walk on her own and speaks Grown-up fluently in both English and French!

She hugged and kissed me.  Wow.
Then aunt Sabrina came over and read "There's A Wocket In My Pocket".

Come to think of it, even though Justin and Jeremy stole my attention for a little while I did get a lot TLC.

Thank you ladies!


Justin and Jeremy - You Are Going To Be Served

Way cool. Mommy was teaching me how to dance today.  She held my hands to balance and I grooved to Metro Station's "Shake It" and Pink's "Raise Your Glass".  It was great as I shook my little booty and was the center of attention.

But then Mommy's friend Bobby sent her a clip of Justin and Jeremy dancing to "Hey Ya".  What the?!?  Mommy's attention was diverted for way, way too long.

Yeah they can dance and sing but there are two of them, they are toddlers and they even have their sister as a back-up dancer!  I dance as well as them and I am just a baby, and an only child as well!

I did my best to pull the Powerbook away from Mommy but didn't have the strength.
I even tried doing my own dance routine but Mommy's attention couldn't be diverted.  

I'm mad at YouTube.  For so long it was a source of funny Elmo clips but now it brings other children into the house to compete for my attention.

I think my only recourse is to challenge Justin and Jeremy to a dance-off.

You two have been served!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Green Lake Adventure!

Daddy didn't go to work today to spend the day with me.

He got tired of puttering me around the neighborhood so he strapped me in my car seat and we were off!

When I woke-up we were at Green Lake.

Very exciting.  All sorts of things to see.  It was the middle of the day so we saw lots of Moms with their little babies.  We saw one Daddy with his baby but he was too embarrassed to have his picture taken.  As soon as Daddy made eye contact he ran off.
There was quite a bit to see.  Of course I didn't see any of it.  I slept through most of the walk and only woke up sporadically.
Off course when I did wake up I saw some things I wasn't that happy about.  This place seems to have a lot of potential when I become a toddler . . . but they are cramping my style with all the rules they have.
Stupid rules.  


Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Soldier Baby, I Declare War On Sleep!

Because I threw up today Mommy put me in the camouflage that Grandpa Art gave me.

Man did I feel tough!

With my new forward crawling power I felt like a true soldier.  What can you say. "Be All You Can Be!".
Actually, the Army recruiting slogan that probably fit me best tonight was " An Army of One!".

I declared an all out war on sleep.  My intense training over the last couple months paid off.  First, Daddy went down and then Mommy.  They passed me back and forth trying to ware me out but it was no use.  I won.  Mom and Dad had to sue for peace in the end.  Maybe not a true unconditional surrender from my parents but the net result was a lot more milk and snuggling from Mommy.
I did go to sleep eventually.  But on my terms.  Victory was mine!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My New Truck!

Well, one of the fringe benefits of getting surgery is that I got a new toy!  Not just a stuffed animal either (They were starting to get redundant anyway)

A truck!  Way cool!
I was not going to let that thing out of my sight.  Problem was if I pushed it too hard it would sometimes escape me.  Oh well, remember, I can crawl now.
I definitely see a lot of these in my future.  I'm getting a little tired of these lifeless stuffed animals anyway, though I will turn to them when I need comforting.  I'm going to the next step in my development as a boy!