Saturday, March 8, 2014

Dino Days!

Game Day!  The Super Bowl was over a month ago but today Toddlers celebrated the REAL event of the year-  Dino Day at the Burke Museum.

Yeah it was pretty intense.  We got up early just so we could beat the line but that didn't matter.  Every family in the greater Seattle area had the same idea.
It was worth it though.  They had actual EXPERTS on staff that I could discuss up to date controversies about the bone structure of the Allosaurus with.  
Yeah, there were a few lines but when you have the opportunity to actually dig for a fossil who wouldn't be willing to wait.  It was intense!
My desire to actually TOUCH a fossil got me in a little bit of trouble but they were willing to placate me a bit and boy did I take advantage when they gave me the opportunity.
And finally the ultimate prize.  I got INKED.  It took me a bit of time but I got all my stamps and became a certified Junior Paleontologist.  Not every parent had the patience to deal with their child through every exhibit but Daddy did even if in the last line I was complaining about hunger pains.  
Respect the Mammoth!


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