Monday, May 23, 2011


Dad's friend Tyler and his wife Janelle came to visit from Las Vegas.  Tyler was Dad's roommate for four years when they both went to Western Washington University.  I was excited because I learned Tyler worked at a casino.  Very exciting.  But then Tyler kept on making fun of Dad!  Either my Dad is the biggest doofus in the world or Tyler is just mean!  It was a little upsetting to me so I didn't warm up to him right away.
Still it seemed like Daddy and Tyler really enjoyed being with each other.  They even laughed most of the time.
This whole phenomenon I am noticing with Dad and his friends really confuses me.  It seems like when guys are friends with each other they make fun of each other a lot.  Very strange.  Perhaps when I make my first friend I will understand.
I didn't have any trouble warming to his wife, Janelle though.  She is a sweetie.  


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  1. I'll have to talk to that Tyler guy about his meanness! Ooooh I miss those little cheeks! You are sure a cuuuutie Jaxon!