Sunday, May 22, 2011

My First Wedding

My Dad's cousin, Ivan got married to his beautiful bride Samantha this weekend.  Very exciting for a little baby like myself who has never been to a wedding before.  Apparently getting married is the respectable first step in creating a baby like myself.  I even got to see my second cousin but he/she will not be arriving till September.

Mom dressed me up and it was a little hectic but all and all I appreciated looking dapper.  Especially since I was meeting so many new people.  
Still pretty fascinated with the whole "Beer" concept.  The Chuckanut Brewery was there and the adults were all lining up.  As usual I was allowed to touch but not drink.  They wouldn't even put one into a Sippy Cup for me to try.
Also there were Tacos.  Another thing adults seem to love but I've been denied.  I don't think I'd have even been allowed one if Mom had ground it up.
During the ceremony I weighed in on how much I approved of Ivan and Samantha getting married which resulted in Mom or Dad putting a finger in my mouth to quiet me.  Come on, I wasn't objecting!  I was just cheering them on.

Congratulations Ivan and Samantha.


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