Monday, May 30, 2011

San Juan Island Adventure Part 1

I had a very exciting Memorial Day Weekend.  Daddy told me that I would be going on an adventure and boy was he right.  Turns out Daddy's family has some property in the San Juan islands.  I've never been to an "island" before.

Things were a little bit rough at first.  For the ride up they put me in a life jacket but it should have been called a Baby Torture Device.  I cried and cried and eventually all the adults came to the conclusion that if the boat was going down they could quickly get me back into it.

The beach was exciting also.  But again I had to deal with a bunch of silly rules.  They would allow me to suck on the rock but when I tried to eat it I was denied.  So far I wasn't a fan of this "Island".
But later on that night things got a little better.  Grandma let me try zucchini for the first time  Very exciting!  I ate the whole thing, no problem.  I'm certainly looking forward to tomorrow.

I think I am coming around to island life.


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