Saturday, May 7, 2011

Guys Night 3!

Mom and some of her friends went to see "Something Borrowed".  Apparently Dad wasn't invited but he seemed fairly happy not to be going.  Dad's friend Pat came by to visit.  Though not a biological uncle he certainly fits the profile.   Sometimes it is nice to have another male figure around besides Dad.  Lots of fun, he bounced me on his knee and made funny faces.

Basically we had another Guys Night!  I'm beginning to understand the concept of a "Guys Night".  They involve chips, salsa, beer and movies that Mommy would never watch.  
Unfortunately the movie that Daddy and Pat watched was a real dog and got a thumbs down by all three of us.  Though it had a few memorable lines that Daddy kept repeating ("Kill the Messenger").
Apparently a "Guys Night" is more about enjoying your friends then watching good cinema (Or even decent cinema, even a baby could tell this movie sucked).


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