Saturday, May 14, 2011

Shopping - Horrible Experience

We went to Alderwood Mall today to go shopping.  I'm a boy AND a baby so of course I wasn't going to have a fun time.  Way too much stroller time and lots of jostling around when they squeezed me into about a hundred clothes at Janie and Jack.  Like I care how I look at the wedding I'm going to next week.  At best the pictures they take of me in my cute clothes will only have relevance to me twenty years from now when I show my girlfriend what a cute baby I was.  Of course that is about a hundred in baby years.

Some low points.

The one shirt I actually liked and tried to tear off the rack Mom wouldn't buy me.  She even pulled it out of my clutches when I got too demanding.

Then Dad got me my first baseball hat.  What the heck! I love the hats Mimi makes me but this thing drove my little brain nuts.  The bill stuck out and teased me the way a dangling carrots does to a horse.  I tried to take it off but Dad forced it back on me.

I guarantee a full blown temper tantrum next shopping trip.


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