Monday, May 23, 2011

My First Trip to a Casino

When we were up in Ferndale we needed a place to stay so I had my first night away from home since I was delivered at the hospital.  We spent the night at a Casino!  Wow!  Lots of flashing lights and loud noises.  Everyone seemed to be having such a good time also (Well not everyone, but most of the people).  No babies though.  I guess this is something I will have to look forward to when I grow-up.

I'm not quite sure what the draw to a Casino is, but it sure seems to bring in the adults.  I got to look out the window of our room and wow!  They just kept coming in their cars passed the time I was put to bed.
I haven't seen this much excitement from adults since we saw the grown-ups showing up a the Apple Store for the new iPad.  But there seemed to be even more excitement here.  There was a line for the iPad but people were not packing into buses and campers to get to the Apple Store.
I can't wait till I can grow-up and play in a Casino.  It seems so exciting!

All in!


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