Sunday, May 1, 2011

Guys Night 2!

Mommy was visiting her friend Sabrina last night.  After I got tired of Fournos and announced to Dad that it was time to go very loudly, Dad and his friend Dave took me home.  It was a fun time with the guys.  They talked real loud and so did I.  We all drank lots of stuff from bottles and watched some really loud flashy movies.

They watched "Con Air" first.  Wow.  All three of us guys were really excited watching that!  But more was yet to come.
Mom doesn't let Dad watch the "Family Guy".  It stresses her out for some reason.  Now I know why but I find the reason intriguing.  The baby Stewie is very sophisticated and diabolical in his thought processes.  Just watching him once in action was an eye opener.  I could definitely see how Mom would want to stop me from being influenced by this baby!

I did a lot of growing up last night just by hanging out with Dad and Dave for a few hours!  Mom keeps me a little more sheltered.


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