Sunday, May 15, 2011

Frog and Toad - The Ultimate Buddies

In an attempt to get me to settle down, Dad read Frog and Toad to me again. These guys are like the perfect pair of buddies ever.
Frog is cheerful and adventurous.  Toad is reserved and concerned.  Frog cheers toad up.  Toad is thoughtful in taking care of Frog.  They each do nice things for each other like rake the leaves off of each others lawns, eat ice cream together and have each other over for Christmas.

There are other buddies I have gotten to know through TV.  Bert and Ernie (Who have a very tumultuous relationship), Frodo and Sam (Which ended after Frodo got on a boat), Wayne and Garth, Matt and Ben etc. etc..  None of them seem to have the harmony of Frog and Toad though.

I am going to use Frog and Toad as the barometer for my BFF in the future.  Dad already calls me a Frog so I guess I am waiting for my Toad.

I can't wait till I can have a best friend.


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