Friday, December 2, 2011

Hitting the Aquarium with the 4N Gang

The 4N Gang (jaxoN, beN, corbiN and iaN) tore it up at the aquarium today.

Nothing like being a little more mobile to enjoy that place.  Especially enjoyed being able to run up and give the diver a high-five!

Nothing like finally being tall enough to be able to reach into the tide pools!  So many opportunities to reach and squeeze the sea life!
And just when we all thought it couldn't get any more fun . . . we met Fred!
After that we really got the VIP treatment.  He brought out a sea cucumber for us to manhandle . . . I mean fondle.
I'm sure there is nothing a sea cucumber loves more than four inquisitive little boys squeezing it.  I felt loved when Corbin squeezed me.
We just wanted to spread the love.

The 4N Gang are lovers not fighters.


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