Thursday, December 8, 2011

Getting the Lights Up

After seeing what can happen with Christmas lights I was a little bit concerned about what this could involve.

After I saw what happened to Clark Griswold I was a little concerned about Papo getting on his ladder today.

Still, after getting the lights up both Daddy and Papo were still alive.  Perhaps Christmas lights aren't that dangerous.
Hey, I'm a baby.  If Christmas lights are depicted as a life and death struggle in the media that is what I am going to accept as my reality.

I was expecting a little more excitement through the whole process though.  No explosions like on TV.  I ended up napping after watching them for a few minutes.

I'm beginning to think life in the world isn't as fun as the movies.
Still, I did appreciate the lights.  So much that I kissed them a few times.


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