Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas at Westlake

Mommy and Daddy made the spontaneous decision to go to Westlake Center today.  What a magical thing for a little baby like myself.

Wow!  So many people running about, noises, I'm definitely getting psyched for this Christmas thing!
I had a repeat carousel ride.  This one was a step-up from the one at the zoo.  Nothing like a Chipmunks Christmas soundtrack added to the bouncing horses!

But all of a sudden I met someone really exciting . . . possibly a rival to Santa Clause.  I think if Santa put more effort in like this guy instead of just lounging in his sleigh letting the reindeer do all the work he wouldn't have that rolling jelly belly.  I bet this guy could fit down the chimney and not rely on magic the way Santa does.

God those spinning wheels were fascinating!

Turns out he was riding to support veterans.  Hey, sounds good to me.  I made a donation!
We instantly became friends. 

Definitely become a bicycling enthusiast.


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