Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Goodbye Al : (

Sadly I learned of a passing of a dear friend.  He gave me and my friends endless hours of entertainment at the Seattle Aquarium. Al the Northern Fur Seal (1993-2011) is no more.

He was humanely "Euthanized".  I sure hope they don't do that to humans when they get sick.

He wasn't born in a hospital like me.  Instead he was separated from his Mommy after he got disoriented from the ocean and ended up in a cow pasture near Hoquiam where he was rescued.  Imagine if that was was my story!

Apparently he was named after the Vice President at the time.

                                                        Maybe there is a little similarity.  You be the judge.

I will miss you Al.  You gave us a lot of entertainment.  Sad to see you go.

Not sure if I care for this whole "Death" concept.


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