Saturday, December 10, 2011

Adventure to Bothell!

Mommy's friend Karie invited us on a journey today.  It ended at the Bothell Country Village!

The rooster wasn't for show either.  It turns out in Bothell chickens mix freely with humans.  Wow!  
When we drove in I instantly felt like I had a connection to the place.
They misspelled my name and I don't understand how I relate to furniture but I appreciated the thought.

We visited Toys That Teach.  Total hook up.  I didn't think things would get any more exciting.

Until we got Kettle Corn!

Phew!  Talk about another taste explosion for a little guy.  

I will return to this magical place of Kettle Corn and Free Range Chickens soon.  It was like going to the Land of Oz.


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