Wednesday, October 26, 2011

They Love Me At San Pio . . . But Still No Salsa


They loved me at San Pio tonight.  Nothing like the warm Spanish culture to make a little Anglo baby like myself feel like a little Carona!

So much love was shown to me.  It I loved the constant hugging and high-fives from the staff.  I haven't seen this level of warmth since Mommy and Daddy took me to China Village.
But Daddy intervened when the food arrived.  I did get some beans but the salsa Mommy and Daddy were gobbling down wasn't shared.  It was too spicy for me . . . whatever.
You had better dip my Honey Nut Cheerios in salsa next time Mommy and Daddy or I will be a little Diablo next time we go to this place.


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