Thursday, October 13, 2011

Downtown Seattle Is Where The Superheroes Live!

Daddy went to the mysterious "Downtown" today.  Daddy spends the day in a big building and protects people with "Insurance".  "Insurance" is a superpower but I don't entirely understand it.

Daddy met up with another Superhero today who was going to court.

Phoenix Jones doesn't get people insurance.  He fights crime and dispenses justice in a far more traditional way.  When people are fighting  in Pioneer Square he runs in and Pepper Sprays them.
Apparently some people didn't appreciate his efforts to clean-up the streets last weekend so he had some legal issues to clear-up.
I kind of wish my Daddy would protect people like this . . . but I don't think Mommy would approve.

I will learn how to use this "Insurance" superpower my Daddy has someday!


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