Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Cub Scout at the Door!

Daddy was thinking he wouldn't answer the doorbell when it rang during my dinner.  He was concerned it would be another "solicitor" he would have to shew away.

Well it was someone selling something but I sure was glad he opened the door!

I got to meet Aidan the Cub Scout and his Daddy Leonard!  They were selling candy, coffee and nuts for Aidan's Troop.

I stretched my little neck as much as I could to get a glimpse of him.  I yelped a bit to try and get his attention but he was too busy telling my Daddy about how the money from his candy sales would help send less fortunate children to camp with him.  It is so exciting that I might be a Cub Scout soon and march around the neighborhood with my Daddy knocking on doors!

Leonard told my Daddy that I could get into the program as early as First Grade!  Wow!

I can't wait!

Scouts Honor.


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