Monday, October 31, 2011


Well it is finally upon us.  I busted out of Mommy a month early so I could squeeze an extra Halloween into my life so it was going to be my party!

I was bursting with excitement to go Trick-Or-Treating!

Ahhh!  My first piece of candy!  I just flapped my little wings outside of Mrs. Cooks and they filled my bag!
As a Baby/Toddler I am totally getting a hold of the racket of acting cute and getting stuff.

Not to say some of Daddy's behavior wasn't over the top.  Try to feed me with a sword again Daddy, even if you are being a faux Pirate and I'll sick Mommy on you.
Still, when Daddy, Papo and I finally got ready to Trick-Or-Treat I've never been so excited!
There is no way I am going to bed early after hanging with these characters!

I'm Read To Party All Night Long!


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