Monday, June 13, 2011

Unwelcome Advice

Mommy and I had a play date with Mindy and my friend Addyson at the Everett Mall today.  Very fun.  Addyson and I babbled back and forth happily.  She did make me cry once when we got in a shouting match.  But what can I say, her little vocal chords are just a little bit more developed then mine.

Mommy got a little bit of unwarranted advice when I was getting changed though.  A women pawed me and said I was looking a little "Husky".  Mom was then told she should stop nursing me and just feed me water.  What the . . .!?!?

After that she told Mindy that Addyson should stop being pushed around in a stroller and be free to just play outside.  That just made me mad!  Nobody tells my Gal how she should be living (Well maybe Mindy can)!

I'm definitely getting very defensive of the women in my life.


1 comment:

  1. Best time ever buddy! Well minus the wackido lady, but I heard mama say I could bite her ankles if she only would've let me at her I could've done what needed to be done. It's odd thou she won't let me bite my cousins thou?!

    See ya soon buddy!