Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Learning How to Be a Babe Magnet

So over the last week I have been mastering some important traits that will allow me to attract lots of girls in the future.

Granted, it will be awhile before I like girls in "that way".  Twelve years from now is basically an eternity for a baby but it's never too early to start practicing.

First, I'm learning the art of kissing.  Granted it just involves grabbing Mommy or Daddy's face and planting a slobbery mouth on their cheek but hey you have to crawl before you walk and I haven't even mastered the crawling part.

I am also learning the art of flexing my muscles.  I hear girls love this.  I throw all my might into tightening my biceps, throwing my chest out and growling .  Just wait till I grow-out of this baby fat.
By Middle School I'll have the ladies eating out of my hand.


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