Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Keeping My Eyes Open

I caught a little bit of Unsolved Mysteries today.  Very intriguing TV.  There sure is a lot of bad things adults do, homicide, abduction not to mention ghosts and UFO abductions.  I was squealing with excitement.

Sadly, though the TV show has had a lasting run (1987-Present) I was born too late for it's heyday with host Robert Stack. : (

The intensity of the man transfixed both Mommy and Daddy when they were growing-up and both watching the TV show.
Apparently, neither Mommy or Daddy's parents really wanted them watching it but they found ways to catch it anyway.
I'll be watching it during the Dennis Farina era.  Not a bad guy but Robert Stack's charisma and piercing eyes made it seem like he could reach out of the TV and grab the criminals himself.

Still, I will be vigilant.  When I am being wheeled around the neighborhood I'll keep my eyes out for fugitives.

I will do my best to be a crime fighting baby!


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