Thursday, June 16, 2011

Stanley Cup = Playdate Gone Wrong

I'm still getting to understand the whole concept of cities but apparently there is a comparably sized one north of Seattle called "Vancouver".

Adults are a little bit more organized when they play and in this case the game was Hockey.

Well, apparently the team from Vancouver the "Canucks" lost.  

Now granted, I did cry a little bit when Addyson beat me at the yelling competition but my unhappiness didn't last long.  We restored our friendship in a matter of seconds.
Adults have a whole different concept about what to do if you don't win though.

Not quite sure about what type of lesson this is supposed to teach an impressionable baby like myself . . . 

Thankfully it seems that not everyone was mean.  Maybe more babies for me to befriend will be created as a result of the loss.  

More confused about the human experience as of today but hey, I'm just a baby.


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