Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hosting My First Dinner Party!

Mommy and Daddy haven't entertained much since I came along . . . but Saturday they had an opportunity.  Aunt Sabrina, Aunt Ashley and her Boyfriend Rick all came over.

It was great holding court and telling all the guests entertaining stories.  I sure loved co-chairing at the head of the table with Daddy.  I definitely know how to be a host.
It got really exciting when Daddy's friend Jamie and his wife Susie dropped by also.  Jamie has known my Daddy since they were little boys.  He is really fun and loud.  He got me all riled up for the night.  It was great!
Of course I just fed off the excitement after that.  After dinner I continued entertaining the guests.  Hey, as long as they were at the house I was going to keep the party going!

Eventually it was just Me and my Parents.  But I kept on going!  Eventually I wore myself out around Eleven but I could have gone longer!  They had to resort to the whole sharing the bed technique to finally calm me down.

Can't wait to host my NEXT party!


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