Saturday, November 5, 2011

Goodbye Husky Stadium!

Daddy took me to visit Husky Stadium today which was hosting it's last game before they start renovating it.  Concepts like "Football", "College" and "Husky" are all kind of abstract to me but I was developing a pretty good concept of the "Stadium".  It is a large and imposing object that I always see when I am coming or going to Papo and Lulu's.

Anyway, it turns out they are going to renovate it so my chances of seeing a game their till 2013 are virtually nil.

Daddy took me for a walk so I could develop some memories of it.

What a big imposing object it is.  To think that when I go to my first Husky game it will be even bigger.  By 2013 I will be a three years old and might even have the attention span to last an entire game! Very exciting.
But not as exciting as all the tailgating Daddy took me to see.  Unfortunately, he didn't agree to eat cheeseburgers and drink beer on my stroller the way I suggest we improvise.  I guess we just weren't prepared.
Nor would he take any of the giant Huskies home.  This whole concept of private property still kind of bugs me.  If I want something I just take it.

Well, until 2013 . . . Woof!


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