Thursday, November 10, 2011


Finally, Daddy took me to Burgermaster without me being strapped into a stroller.  I finally got to be a part of the excitement!

For so long I had looked out of my stroller dreaming that I could be a part of the action.  Finally, I was Jaxon unchained!

It was so fun to roam free.  I was a little disappointed when Daddy didn't let me run to visit the kitchen and I was kind of annoyed that he didn't let me eat french fries off the floor . . . but still it was very exciting!
Soooo much real estate to cover.  I was making friends all over the place with all the other children and a few adults.
In the end I got a few french fries for dinner.  Not as exciting as the big one I wanted to eat off the floor but at least I got to eat something from that big greasy bag Daddy got.

Apparently there will be many Burgermaster trips in the future.  When my Daddy was a little boy and his  parents didn't want to cook they took him there.

Daddy is committed that I have the experience also!


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